Monday, December 17, 2012

New Companion

Ok, for Christmas, the plan is to call you guys on Christmas there (Tuesday) at about 5-6 pm, the day after Christmas here (Wednesday) 8-9 am.  I will be able to email you guys on Christmas (Tuesday) because our pday moved. I will probably email if the plan has changed.  I changed from calling on Christmas to the day after so it is for sure that you all will be there.  Also, we are planning to have our own Christmas here, we all promised to save our packages until Christmas morning to open them.  By the way, I received a package from you, two from Steve and Alyson, and Grandma.  We found that if we combine all of our Christmas traditions we don't get homesick.  There is the plan.

My new companion is great. His name is Elder Robinson.  He is from Kemmerer, Wyoming, near Star Valley.  We actually went into the MTC on the same day, and we were companions in the MTC our last three weeks there.  It is a blast to have someone that you met in the MTC as your companion.  No Mom, I still don't use toilet paper.  I don't like it here, water is a lot better.  I have a nice bed now, because when Elder Tropia transferred he had two mattresses, so I took it.  My bed is now really comfortable.  Shower is nice, mainly because it works and half of the areas don't have working showers.  For the size of my area I would say that it is the size of the south end of the Valley, but we only work in about the size of Nibley and Hyrum.

On Sunday, I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting. It went pretty well.  That was the fifth time that I have had to speak in this branch.  I have learned how to organize my thoughts to get the length that I want or need to fill.  I spoke on the power of the Book of Mormon.  That's pretty much all that has happened this week.  Oh and I have not yet gotten sick while on the mission.  So you don't have to worry about me.

Love you,
Elder Hatch

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Still...still in Bustos

First thing, I am not transferring.  I am still in Bustos.  I will be here for a half a year...hahaha... but it is all good.  I like it here and I am getting a new companion.  Next week I will tell you all about him.  I have had a lot of frustration with my companion, I love him, but sometimes we just didn't get along.  I was hard and I had to swallow a lot of pride, just so we could teach.  I learned a lot from this transfer, a lot with how to deal with people.  My friends are still in the zone Elder Green and Elder Brown, so we are all really happy that we will have Christmas together just like Thanksgiving.

I did hear about the Typhoon that hit Mindano that is the southern island.  It was a really bad typhoon a lot of people died.  But it wasn't close to us.  For Whtinee a typhoon is a hurricane in the Pacific Ocean.

For Christmas, Whitnee told me that she might be working on Christmas Eve and most of the elders are going to call on Christmas, I just might do that.  Because I need to go to another elders area to skype you guys, because none of the computer shops here in Bustos can.  I will coordinate with the other elders and next week I will give you the for sure plan.

Sorry I am emailing late, we kind of had a farewell pday for the missionaries leaving the zone and I don't have much time we have a dinner appointment real soon so I will email all of you next week I promise.

Elder Hatch

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Ok first off, I did use the credit card.  I ran out of room on my flash drive and I was going to just buy another 16 GB, but it would cost me 720 pesos ($9) and we found portable terabytes, like the one I bought for our computer, for 4,500 pesos ($105).  So I know that it is a big jump, but it is worth the money and I can use it after the mission and I won't have to worry about using up space.  So just use my account to pay for it.  I was going to tell you before but with the end of the transfer coming up I wanted to get the picture from the other elders before they get transferred.  Next time I use the card I will let you know before hand.

This was a really good week.  I went up to a San Miguel where Elder Anderson is district leader, and went to district meeting.  We had a good time talk about old time in our first area.  We planed a Thanksgiving dinner, but then he got call into the office.  He is now the Mission Secretary.  It was sad to have him leave but now I will see him more often.  But then Elder Brown texted and asked if we were still coming up for Thanksgiving.  We said we would, but I didn't think that it could be very good.  I had some pasta that I took to cook so we could have some American food, but then I found out that all the American elders which is basically   the whole zone had some American food.  Elder Green had mashed potatoes, Elder Brown had stuffing, Elder Mackie had pudding, Elder Guard had some canned corn.  I bought some strawberry jam and rolles, and we bought some rotisery chicken to substitute for turkey.  I will send some pictures to explain much better.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Elder Green is from Hoper, Utah, it is close to Ogden.  He goes home a transfer after me.  Elder Green and I will definitely hang out after the mission.  Elder Anderson is from Tennessee, but is going to BYU.  Elder Anderson came into the MTC the same day I did and we were in the same room in the MTC.  He will be a little harder to hang out with but we are making plans.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Talk in church

Hello family,

I am doing good.  Had a few good days with teaching.  We have a new rule that makes it really hard to teach unless we have members working with us, which very seldom happens here.  We talked to the Branch President and told him about the new rule so that should help with members working with us.  Last night the Elders Quorum President and his wife worked with us to teach a Recent Convert lesson.  It was awesome they taught the lesson and made our RC feel way more comfortable.  My companion and I are working really hard to help this branch.  On Sunday, I gave my fourth talk in this branch and usually I struggle to get 15 minutes, but this time the President Arvee had to slip me the "Your Time is Up" card.  It was really funny.  I was a little upset that they cut me short (I know, me, upset that my time to talk was cut short), because I still had a lot to say I might have been able to go for another 5 to 7 minutes, 10 if I used my extra cross references.  It was a good talk that made the members want to work on it.  I might use that talk for my homecoming talk HA HA. Joke Lang (Just Kidding).  Yes, we did ride a bus to the temple last week.  Buses are really the only way to travel out here in Baliwag.  That is about all that has happened in the area these last few days.

I don't know if I told you, but right now in the zone are my two best friends in the mission: Elder Anderson and Elder Green.  They were both in Caloocan (My first area) with me.  We are having a lot of fun and both of them are the District Leaders, so I get to call them every week and see how they are doing and share the stories for the week.  So sometimes I forget to tell you what has happened because I talk to them first and tell them the stories that has happened, and I can't remember which stories I've told you or them, so sorry.  This has been the happiest transfer so far.

Tomorrow we get mail run.  I might get one of the packages that you sent and I will let you know if I get or not next week.  I know that you already sent my Christmas package but one thing I thought of that you could send was "Hostess: Fruit Pies", the ones that are always in gas stations.  I just ate something that reminded me of them. It was really weird.  It is also really nice to hear and see that the cabinets are up on the wall and they look really good.  Also I really miss the old green couch.

Thanks for all of your support

Elder Hatch 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Temple Trip

Sorry we just got back from the temple, it took four hours to get there and three to get back because of traffic.  Then Elder Tropia had to go to the dentist so we have been really busy and we have a dinner appointment in like 20 minutes, so I will answer you questions now.  I am sorry for the short email.

I am kind of taking pictures, because the batteries you sent me are not recharging so next pday I am going to take them to a repair shop to get them fixed.  But have no fear I have a companion that takes a lot of pictures so I just copy them on pday when we have time.  Don't worry I will get a picture of the 7-11 and I am getting a lot of the area.  I will try and send some more pictures.  As for the apartment this is my third apartment, and it is the biggest and we have A/C but we don't use it because it is expensive.  Teaching is going better, we have some new potential investigators that are really interested and they are potential Melchizedek Priesthood holders.  We don't have a calling in the branch we just go to church and help out, however we do speak every third Sunday, come to think of it that is this week.  I better start preparing.  The mission home is two hours away.  We go there every month for Zone Leader Council, that is about it.  Our mail comes every two weeks to our district meetings (which are every Tuesday), and we go to the temple once a transfer.  We just get assigned a day.  Our temple pday was not suppose to be until next month but they changed it last Friday.

My testimony gets stronger every day.  It is awesome, it helps that I read every day and try to apply what I learn, I bear my testimony at least three times a day, and praying always really helps as well.  I really love the Book of Mormon, it has given me so much strength and helped my testimony the most.  That is the single most important thing you can do to come closer to Christ is to read the Book of Mormon every day.

Sorry again for the short email, I promise next week will be better.  Love you all and thanks for your prayers and support.

Elder Hatch 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Still in Bustos

Right now our Sundays are one of our harder days.  We usually don't eat dinner at members houses, but that is about to change... During our branch council, the branch clerk Keryl (who is an RM) talked to the branch about setting up a dinner schedule.  I am very excited.

Really there is no way to prepare for mission life.  You need to prepare spiritually by: praying every morning and night, reading the scriptures especially The Book of Mormon, reading Preach My Gospel, going to church and seminary.  That is what you can do to get ready for a mission.  The asking questions about the mission, you can't really get a grasp on what life is like, especially when you ask new RMs, because it is just life not "missionary life".  Like now I forget what is it like to live in America, because I live in the Philippines and I have just gotten use to all the stuff that happens.  The best example of what missionary life is, is The Best Two Years.

About conference, we went to the  stake center and watched Saturday morning session at 8 in the morning on Saturday, Saturday afternoon session at 11, and Priesthood session at 1, Sunday morning session  at 8 in the morning on Sunday, and Sunday afternoon at 12.  That is conference in the Philippines.

Dad and Trevor both better write me next week and tell me about their hunt and how it went.

Halloween is different here.  They don't celebrate Halloween but they sell costumes and have Halloween parties.  They don't go trick or teating, it is not really about the candy.  On November 1, they have something like Day of the Dead, but they celebrate is like Memorial Day when  every one goes to the Cemetery, but it is not solemn, it is like The 4th of July.  Every one having a good time at the Cemetery.  It was really hard to work that day because everyone was at the Cemetery.

The only thing I can think of that you could send in the Christmas package is money to help me buy some souvenirs. Oh you could send some Muddy Buddies, or home made English Toffee, or Fudge.  I have not got your package with the card yet.  We are not getting mail run this week, and I don' know if they are coming to us next week.  I might get it in two to three weeks.  My pants are holding up really well.  I did rip my charcoal pants but I just need to take them to a tailor to get them fixed.  I am planing on getting some pants made here when I get some money.  I do need some new ties but I will just buy them here because they are only five bucks for some pretty good ties.

 Bustos has two stores, a 7 Eleven and a Grocery store.  What I compare Bustos to is home, the South end of the Valley.  Just take out all the stores and mountains and replace the Alfalfa fields with Rice fields, and you are where I am at.  So I hope that gives you a better picture of what it is like here.

Love you all,
Elder Hatch

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hard Area

I am doing ok.  I am in a really hard area.  The branch in cool and nice, but we have 3 investigators and we are working with like 5 less active families.  The rest of the time we tract.  This transfer I have felt what state side missionaries feel.  The work is really hard but most days we have fun and all of my journal entries start with "It was a good day..."  Life here is good.  I have learned how to make spaghetti. It tastes really good. I cooked Camp Eggs twice, and I eat a lot of fish.  One more thing this week, I became a real Philippines missionary.  You can ask Jed what that means or just wait to till later for me to tell you.
I did not get transferred, so I will be in Bustos for 4 1/2 months hopefully for 6.  My companion is not transferring either, so we will be together for 3 months.  My companion has stretched me. He was E.T. into my area for me to watch him and help him become a better missionary. And it was hard.  We are doing better now, but we still have a way to go.  It will be a good transfer.  

We have this one investigators, Nicole(15) and Karen(13), They are a little young but they read and always remember what they read and they have really good questions.  They are fun to teach because we promised them that if they will read then we will sing a hymn.  They love it and we don't mind singing and we still have like 330 hymns we can sing.

I am having fun and it sounds like you guys are having fun as well.  Don't worry about me.  I  have been out on a mission for 13 months and in the field for 11.  Nothing surprises me anymore and a new transfer is a great time to just start over and have a new attitude. I was a little down this transfer but I am doing good now.  I will try and keep you more informed on what is going on and how I am doing.

Love you lots
Elder Hatch

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Very Short Post

Not much happened this week. Transfers are next week, so I will let you know if I transfer or not.  It is not likely.  We have started to do a lot of tracting.  We find the biggest houses and try and talk to the people.  It is really scary, but at the same time it is a lot of fun.  That is really funny that everyone has two rooms.  Oh I got Grandmas package yesterday.  Be sure and tell her thanks it was a great care package.  Also tell her that the dearelders are awesome.
Sorry for writing so little, we just got back from the temple and I am very tired.

Love you all
Elder Hatch

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Conference 2012

Conference was great.  There were a lot of good talks.  I can't wait for the Liahona, it will be a great time to go over the talks again.  One of my favorite talks was the one Elder Jeffery R Holland gave about not going back.  The one by Elder Russel M Nelson was way funny, it also let us know what our expectations are of what we need to know.  We all got a heads up from the members about the change in missionary age.  It was a big shock, but really cool.  The funnest part was when they showed the congregation and all of their faces.  This was a really good conference that was a great spiritual builder.

Not much happen this week; well, a lot happened but not in the work.  Monday was Pday, Tuesday was District Meeting with the whole zone that was really long, Wednesday was Zone Interviews with President Sperry, Thursday was a kind of normal day, Friday was Weekly Planning which takes forever, Saturday and Sunday was Conference.  So really nothing happened this week, we just prepared for conference.

It was really good to hear about your week and how everybody is doing.  It is always fun to read what is going on.  I am sorry that I am not much of a writer, but not a whole lot happens here in Bustos.  Love you all, thank you for sending a package.

Elder Hatch

I forgot this happened.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Waiting for Confernce

Oh man Conference at the Cabin would have been great.  It is really hard because we have to wait a week for Conference, because we always here things from members or from other missionaries.  We are like, "no don't say anything we just want to watch Conference."  Conference is probably the most looked forward event in the mission.  Everyone all ways talks about how excited they are about Conference which is something I will keep when I go home.   So this weekend is our Conference (13-14), always a week later.  I am glad that every one enjoyed the Cabin and Conference.

For the shoes, if you can't get them replaced for free, then just send the card and I will buy shoes here.  That way I can be sure that they fit and are the style I want.

This week was really kind of crazy. A lot happened.  To start, after I got done emailing you guys, we got a call saying that my companion was getting Emergency Transferred (E.T.).  An E.T. is a switching companions on a day other than Transfer day.  We don't know why it happened.  So I have a new companion, Elder Tropia.  He was my last Zone Leader (ZL), so we are just having a great time.  He is Filipino.  He is just 6 months older than me in the mission, but he has been a ZL for 9 months now.  He is the oldest ZL in the mission.  He is teaching me a lot on how to be a good ZL.  He is from Baguio, which is really close to where the new temple is being built.  We had a few meetings this week and exchanges; we have just been running around crazy.  We hit a dead spot with the work, but in Branch Council, we got some new names to visit.  But this week is not going to be much better, because we have a lot of meetings this week as well.  That has been the week so far.

The next two transfers end on Nov. 1 and Dec. 13.  From then on just add 6 weeks and that is the end of the transfer.

I wrote some letters so I am expecting some mail in the near future, but other than that I just get Grandma's dearelders, which are greatly appreciated, and the dearelders that you send of Derek and Shalya, I like those as well.

Who have you taught this week? 
We started teaching the old Branch President.  He is a really cool guy and still cares about the church, but doesn't come to church.  He is going to be our focus for the next little bit.  Our main goal is help them renew their temple recommends.  Another family we are teaching is the De Vera family.  They are a partially active family.  We are going to work on getting them ready to go to the temple.  We also visited a really active member to ask for referrals, and we found out that he is 97 years old.  He still comes to church every Sunday and acts like he is 65.  He is my favorite member.
Are you working with investigators or with inactives?
Still working with Less-actives, but we are trying to find new people to teach.
When does your companion go home?
My old companion, Elder Wilson, goes home in December.  My companion now, Elder Tropia, goes home in April.
Is it hard when you get a new companion? Is it hard to say "goodbye"?
It all depends on the companion sometimes you happy to get a new companion sometime you sad.  It all depends.

Not much happened this week either, but I did find a really good scripture that has helped me know what I am suppose to do as a ZL, it is D&C 81:5.

Love you all,
Elder Hatch

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mission Shoes

Sounds like you all had a great week.  I had a good week too.  We had a baptism.  That was a good time.  So our baptism was suppose to start at 5; everyone was there, except Joanne's sister, Jasmine.  Joanne was the baptismal candidate.  Jasmine was going to be the only family of Joanne at the baptism.  We had to wait for her, a baptism only happens once.  Jasmine goes to school three hours away and only comes home on the weekends.  Jasmine got stuck in traffic, so the baptism didn't start until 7.  It was really good though.  It gave the speakers time to write their talks.  Joanne's baptism was the first in a year in this area.  The members were really happy.  It is great to see the fruits of our labors.

That is awesome that the ward is doing a Book of Mormon reading challenge.  That is the hardest thing out here is people don't read.  I know that if we read the Book of Mormon, we will gain a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and all problems will disappear.  That is all we are doing now if they didn't read, we read with them.  Reading the Book of Mormon is the only way to become truly converted to the gospel.  It doesn't mean that you need to study the Book of Mormon an hour everyday, but it does mean that you need to read the same amount of time everyday.  Whether it is 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, it just needs to consistent.  I challenge you to do the reading challenge.  I know it will help you come closer to Christ than any other thing.

About school and coming home, I will just talk to you at Christmas.

About my shoes, I just remember that I think that I have a 2 year warranty on them.  If I do then it would be awesome to get some new ones.  I will send you the pictures and you can see if I can get some new ones.

I found a really great bunch of scriptures about receiving revelation.  It is in Mosiah 26:13-34.  Read over it and tell me what you found out about revelation.
The inside back of my shoes!

The bottom!

"Walk a mile in a man's shoes"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Almost One Year

Man I miss chopping the corn.  That was my favorite time of the year.  That is really cool that Trevor is going to get his fur bearers licence.  Is he going to trap around the farm?  Be sure to tell him that cutting is the best thing.  Like I told him, you just have to be good at it.  For YHEC are you all planning on going down or just Trevor and Dad?  He does need to study so he can get in the Top 5.  Is this his last year as a Junior or does he have one left?

The temple dedication I bet was really cool.  I remember going to a temple dedication but other than that I don't remember much.  That was cool that Dad and Trevor were invited to Daniel's ordination.

Do you go to the temple every month?
We go once a Transfer so kind of once a month, but sometimes it is in the start of the month and sometimes it is in the end.  It all just depends on when we are scheduled.
Did you have a baptism?
Yes, we have a baptism this Saturday.  A great way to celebrate my year mark.  This baptism will be the first convert baptism in a year in the branch.  It is a really tough area but I love it now.
Do you have to walk everywhere?
Yes, we try and walk everywhere to save on money.  The fares here are really expensive and the trike drivers sometimes ripe us off.  I get lots of exercise. 
How are your shoes holding up?
The shoes are fine.  There are some part of the soles that are coming apart but I am just going to super glue them and they should be good for another 6 months.
Did you get a new companion at the last transfer?
No, we stayed together.  I think that I will stay here one more transfer and so will he, so I will be the one that sends him home.
Have you bought any new shirts or pants?
About the shirts and pants, I am fine with shirts and pants, but I want to get some pants made that are awesome and are pretty cheap in dollars.  But I have no personal money since I lost my wallet.  I want to get 4 pairs of pants and that will cost about $100, then I need another $150 to finish up buying souvenirs.  So I don't know the best way to get that here.  I don't need it right away, but no latter than the April Conference.  Christmas would probably be the best.  Just take it out of my account.

Another thing, can you send me the name of Derek and Shayla's mission.  Also,  what do you think of me coming home a transfer early for school in August, or me coming home in October, or extending a transfer and coming home in November?  I just want your opinion.  Because I don't know what would be the best.

Not much happens during Transfer week so next week I will have more stories to tell.  Thanks for all the news and support.

I read Helaman 6:47 and thought of these two scriptures, Alma 58:11 and D&C 6:23

Love you all,
Elder Hatch

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mission Info

It is good to hear that you guys are hanging out with the Rhodes and just being a friend.  Because that is just what I am doing out here; trying to bring people back and the main thing that they don't have is a friend that they can turn to when the missionaries leave.  If we could have some members doing the things that you are doing the work would just take off.  It is really hard if none of the ward is willing to help, because then the less-actives just get more and more offended. 

Ok there are two days when pday is moved from Monday to Wednesday; those two days are week of transfers and when we go to the temple.  The temple one is easy because the temple is closed on Monday.  For transfers (which are this week, but I am not transferring) we get the transfer announcements on Tuesday night, then Wednesday is pday, so all those that are transferring can pack their bags without cutting into work time and also if they want to say good-bye to any investigators, less-actives, or members, it doesn't cut into the work.  We have a Transfer meeting on Thursday of transfers.  Everyone that is transferring and the Zone Leaders go to Camerian, where the mission office is, switch companions and the Zone Leaders make sure that everyone gets to their areas.  That is a little on transfers, if you have any more questions I will try and answer them.

We are mixing it up with the families we are working with.  We are putting all the families that are not progressing on the back burner and finding new people that are prepared and willing to keep commitments.  We found a lot of new people this week.  One day we were punted from three of our appointment in 20 minutes, so our next appointment was not for another three hours.  We went tracting.  Tracting is a little different here in the Philippines we walk down a road until we find someone outside that we can talk to.  Which now I understand how we have some Investigators in some crazy places, because we did the same thing.  We were like, "That looks cool over there, I wonder what is over there."  We had a good time.  We have one investigator that has a baptism date for the 29 of September that is looking good.  We have two less-active families progressing, one one is coming church though.  Things are going much better.

Tagalog is a lot of fun to speak, but if it was not for the Gift of Tongues I would not be able to speak as fluently as I am now.  Tagalog is still hard and I still make a lot of mistakes.  I am amazed at how much I know.  With the Gift of Tongues a lot of things are easier to say in Tagalog than English.  The funny thing is even with an American companion I forget how to say things in English, so I have to say it in Tagalog first. A few people speak English it is mainly the RMs that try and keep and improve their English.  Church is all Tagalog.  There is English influence everywhere, but it is mostly from music, so they can speak some but understand very little.

I have two other buddies in the zone that we look forward to getting together at District Meeting.  So it is always a good time.  I have some really good buddies in other zones that we see every once in a while, but those are really good times.

The questions are good it helps me think about the week and what happened, and so I can answer anything that you are wondering about.  A lot of things now are just normal.  I have not a whole lot of time I just try and stay with in an hour, but sometimes it is longer when I am downloading my pictures to my Flash Drive.  No, I only email you guys.  President Sperry said that I should just write you guys if I can write letters to all the guys on missions.  So if anybody wants to write me just tell them to use dearelder.

Thanks for all of your help and support and prayers.  I can feel them all the way over here.  Thanks for letting me know what is going on, on the other side of the world.  I am glad to hear that all is well.  I read Moroni 7:45-48, I really liked it this week.

Elder Hatch

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Answers to Questions

What is up family?

I have had a pretty good week.  A lot of our appointments fell through, but it gave us a chance to find some new investigators.  Some of our investigators don't really care anymore so we are going to try and rekindle the fire but if they really don't want it then we are going to find someone else that is ready to hear and receive the gospel.  We do have a few families that are really interested and progressing.  We should have a baptism at the end of this month.

Answers to Questions:

What is the weather like now?
The weather is good.  Rains a lot still, but the days are a little bit cooler.  It is really hot at about 12-3, then it cools down.  I don't use an umbrella because when it rains it RAINS.  A couple of days I have just been soaked, but I have the thin white shirts and dri lux garment so after about an hour I am dryish.
Are the missionaries in your zone doing good work so that it is easy for you to be Zone Leader? 
All the missionaries in the zone are good, hard workers.  Which takes a lot of stress away to know that they will just work and don't need someone to watch there every move.  So so far no stress.
What responsibilities did you have this week?
We had Zone Leader Council (ZLC), where we talk about what is going on in the mission.  Things with rules, things that are happening, and things we can do to improve the mission.  What families are you working with?
The progressing families are: The San Gabreil, De Vera, Sister Andrea, Rodrigez, and Philip.  Three are less-active families returning, one is an part member family and the last is an investigator.  We are having a lot of fun teaching them.  It is wonderful to watch someone accept the gospel; it is also devastating to watch someone reject the gospel. 
Are you still focusing on re-activiation more than baptisms? 
We are trying to find the balance, because when we switched new investigators dropped and so did baptisms.  The area seventy told us that we need to do better at finding.  So that is our focus now.  Less actives, new investigators and baptism.
How often do you meet with the mission president?
We see the mission president quite a bit.  Before I became Zone Leader we had Zone Conference every other month and Zone Interviews every other month as well.  So we see him at least once a month.  Now that I am Zone Leader we meet with him every month at ZLC.
Do you feel like he knows you and you have a good relationship with him?
Yeah I feel that he knows me and we have a good a relationship just like every other missionary and his mission president.

It is good to hear that you all are having fun.  With the baby blessing, indexing, the jump place, USU beating Utah, and Whitnee and the Dance.

I need a couple of things.  One could you find my line of authority. Also I can't write dearelders so I need Chris' mission office address.  Also I need the names of Derek and Shayla's missions

Here are some of my favorite scriptures this week about Discipleship: 3 Nephi 5:13; D&C 41:5, 45:32, and 103:27-28.  Hope you like them

Oh funny story of the week.  We went to a less-actives house, they have five kids, and we were talking to the kids while the parent were getting ready.  So I ask their names, if they are baptized yet, and I asked the older ones which child they were the eldest and the second child knew where they were at.  I got to the third child and I asked him if he was the third or fourth child.  He turns to is sister and says, "Ate, pangapat ba ako?  which is Sis, am I the fourth child?  It was way funny the way he said it and it helps that he said it in Tagalog.  When little kids speak Tagalog it is funny.

Thats all for now folks

Love you all,
Elder Hatch 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Travel time

This week has been kind of slow, because of all the things we have had to do.  We had district meeting up in San Miguel on Tuesday, which is an hour ride to get there.  We had Zone Conference on Wednesday, which is a 3 hour ride. Weekly planning on Friday. Saturday was a rough day. Almost all of our appointments fell through, and Sunday we had church.  Zone Leader is not too hard, but all the problems come to us.  I had to help some elders with a question about when an investigator could get baptized.  I also had to give a 45 minute workshop at Zone Conference. That was just a little stressful.  I realized why RM's are so good at speaking when they get home, because we teach all day, we have to talk in church, and we have to give workshops.  My companion is good, with him being an American we talk a lot about the differences between America and the Philippines.  I don't know what I better a Filipino or an American as a companion. There are pros and cons to the both of them.  It is really hard to think of things that are exciting now; it is all just kind or normal to me.  I have eaten almost every kind of Filipino food and all of it is really good  This week we taught an investigator who is a part member family.  It is really hard to teach  him because he has a really short attention span.  I mean, I can't blame him, he is only 10. We finally got through to him to get him excited about the scriptures.  We had the Gospel Art book. We asked him which picture he liked the best, then we gave him the chapter in the Book of Mormon to read and find out about it.  I will let you know how it goes with him.

Love you all and thanks for the updates and addresses.  I would write a little more but this key board is not cooperating with me right now. sorry.

Elder Hatch

Monday, August 27, 2012

My New Area

That is really weird to think that every one is out on their mission.  It is really great to hear that they all did it.  It is also weird that I won't see them for 3 years and Tory for maybe 4.

Ah school, I don't have to worry about that for a long time.  I remember Spring Creek and South Cache.  Good times. That is were I found a lot of my friends there.  But nothing beats MOUNTAIN CREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Right Whiters?  I do not miss school. It is great out here; no school, no worries.  I am sure you will all get back in the groove of things.  We always did.

Answers to the questions:

My area is great and huge, but the smallest in the zone.  The best way to describe my area is like Avon.  A central town and farms everywhere else.  It takes forever to walk from one appointment to another.  That is my area. Just think of two missionaries walking around in Avon and Paradise and that is what my companion and I are doing every day.  We live in an apartment. It is the biggest apartment I have lived in, but it is just the two of us. It is a nice apartment, but we need to clean.  Oh by the way, thanks Dad, for teaching me how to clean dishes.  Most of the houses that we teach in are cinder block houses, but we do teach in a few bamboo huts.  As for the weather it is rainy season here so it rains almost every day, but most of the time it is just a light rain.  Only when a Bagyo (Hurricane) comes through is when there is a lot of rain.  I am sure that there are a lot of storms but since we can't watch the news we don't find out until we have to work through the Bagyo.  There are little shops every where. We have a pretty big market next to our house.  For the food, Elder Wilson is an excellent cook so we cook a lot of our food.  He cooks, I clean.  I did learn how to make Adobo, so you will all have to try it.  I have someone who washes my laundry and he is Endowed so he can was my garments and it only cost me 1000 pesos per transfer. it is a great deal.  We do have a church but we are only a branch so it is really small.  Only about 40 people are active.  So we have a lot of work to do.  Our Branch President's wife knows how to play the piano so we are good there.  It is a lot of fun our here in Bustos, even though we are forever away from anything.

The best way will probably be for you to print them then mail them to me because it is really expensive to print here.  Contact solution is fine.  I found some stuff that only costs 59 pesos (thats a little more than a dollar)  With my contacts, I have not opened the second box.

Could you get me: Larry's address, Joel's address, Taunie's address, Tory's address, and Chris' Mission address.  I need to write them some letters.

Thanks for all your support.  I had a great week.  Love you all.

Elder Hatch 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Zone Leader

Being a Zone Leader is not that bad yet.  I did have to give a workshop.  That was a little scary, but all went well.  I will just keep doing my best.  I will keep you updated on how it is  being a Zone Leader.  The main thing we do is get the numbers and pass information to the zone. Oh and I did have to interview an investigator yesterday.  That was a really scary because I hold a persons salvation in my hands and I have to make sure that they won't become less-active.  Pressure.  It went well by the way.  Thank you for the Birthday package it was only one day late.  I loved every thing in it.  Question do you have to make pudding with milk or can it be water?

So is the water cold or warmish when you were walking in it? 
 Do you ever dry out or are you always sweaty? 
 How are your feet?  Do you need the umbrella? 
 Where you moving in the pictures or going to transfers? 
 How many missionaries are you over? 


The water is cold right when you step into it but it feels really good and you get use to it really fast.  I am dry when I sit in front of a fan.  So every morning from 8-11, then after that pretty much sweaty.  My feet are ok as far as a missionary's feet go.  Sore but not in pain. I don't use an umbrella, because when it rains here, IT RAINS.  If you use an umbrella your head is dry but everything else is wet.  The pictures are of us taking my stuff to the Zone Leaders house just before Transfers.  I am over 12 missionaries, 4 of them are Sisters.

1. Me on a Carabao
2. Elder Wilson on a Carabao
3. Jesus Mountain
4. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost (40-50ft. tall)

Some good scriptures for Dad or any of you.
Matt 6:33, Mosiah 2:41, Psalms 37:25, about following the commandments.
I really like Mosiah and Psalms.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Love you all take care  Good luck with the talk let me know how it goes and could you get Chris' mission address.

Elder Hatch

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Birthday

Ok. I had a crazy week.  When I emailed you last time, the floods hadn't really started.  From Wednesday morning until Friday morning our area was flooded way bad.  It was up to  my thighs.  In the other part of the ward it was up to the chest.  We spent three days in the  Zone Leaders house.  We couldn't go out to work because of the floods.  Those three days were the most boring and longest days on the mission.  I really missed the work.  Our Transfer meeting was moved to Friday because the entire mission was flooded.  A lot of missionaries were stuck in their apartment with no power for those three days.  All we did was play cards and watch church movies.

At transfer meeting, I was called to serve in the Baliwag Zone as a Zone Leader.  Baliwag is our furthest Zone.  I am in Bustos, Bulacan.  My companion is Elder Wilson.  He is from Arizona near Mesa.  I really don't think that I am ready to be a Zone Leader.  I mean I just got done training.  But the Area is really cool and green.

I don't have any plans for my Birthday.  I was going to have a really big FHE but it was canceled because the family has school and work.  So we are just having a nice pday.  Oh, here in the Philippines, it is backwards, here, the person whose birthday it is pays for every one to eat.  Not everyone pays for the person on his birthday like in the states.  So I had to buy a few elders some Buko Shakes (Coconut Shakes).  That is my Birthday; Transferred, became a Zone Leader, and bought some Buko Shakes.

I have not gotten my birthday package.  The last package I received was the battery charger.  I have no idea how long it takes to get here, but we get mail delivered to district meeting every two weeks.  So that's how often I get mail.  So I usually get one or two letters from grandma.

Sounds like you all had a blast at the fair and it was a good learning experience.  I hope Trevor keeps doing it so I can help out and hang out at the fair all day.  It was also good to hear about Levi and Joel and how they are doing.

Love you all,
Elder Hatch

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring

No one talks about the Olympics here.  It is all about the Philippines Basketball Finals right now.  I have heard that the US and China are in the top spots but that is about it.

This week it has rained almost everyday all day.  A lot of the zones are flooded.  Our house is fine we are on the top floor, but some of the other elders had to leave there house because the flood was getting really deep.  It has been a slow week because of the weather.  We hardly got any work done.  It is really hard to stay home all day and do nothing.  I try to study but you can only do that for so long before you eyes and brain just can't take it.  I just love the work.  It is the best time of the day.  About the work, we just started teaching a french man and his wife who is a filipina.   It is very hard to teach in English.  I forget a lot of words or how to say certain things, so every one just laughs and so do I.  I have about three families that I hang out with or that are my favorite families, they are the Macam family who were a less active and part member family but now are active and all members, the Bishop's family, they are just way cool and I can speak English to them, and the Esling family, they are a way fun family that feeds us every Sunday and our Ward Mission Leader just returned from his mission in April.  It is all just a good time.

I am glad to hear about Chris and his family.  It sounds like they have really changed a lot.  Make sure and tell them hi for me.  And tell Chris that he is doing the right thing.

Transfers...I am the only one in the entire Zone that is transferring.  Granted a lot of elders are training so they still have another transfer together.  It is just weird that I am the only one.  We don't know if Transfer Meeting is still on or not due to all of the flooding, but hopefully by Monday I will know who my companion is and where I am at.

Oh by the way what wall all in my last package with the battery charger?

I also need you to look up some talks on and send them to me.  Here is the list:

"Deny Yourselves of All Ungodliness" Neal A.Maxwell, Ensign May 1995
"The Power of the Book of Mormon" President Hinckley, Ensign June 1988
"If Ye Be Willing and Obedient"  President Hinckley, Ensign July 1995
"The Price of Discipleship" James E. Faust, Ensign April 1999
"To a Missionary Son" Dennis B. Neuwnschwander, Ensign November 1991
"The Value of Work" J. Richard Clarke, Ensign May 1982
"The Returned Missionary" L. Tom Perry, Ensign November 2001
"Letter to a Returned Missionary" Charles A. Didier, Ensign November 1997
"Remember Who You Are" N. Eldon Tanner, Ensign November 1981
"The Challenge to Become" Dallin H. Oaks, Ensign November 2000

Love you all.  Sorry not much has happened due to the rain.

Elder Hatch

Monday, July 30, 2012

Questions from home

Hello all,

First, Mom, the bishop's wife would like some recipes from you.  Her name is Sister Sherill Javier. She is from Hawaii.  She would like your recipe for, Banana Cake, if you have a German Chocolate Cake, and Spice Cake.

Did the mission president give a reason for not being able to post pictures?
He said that it was like Facebook and he does not want to have to monitor it, and if he allowed me, it would open doors for all the other missionaries.

Have you received any packages from us yet? 
I received the package that had the battery charger, last Tuesday.

What was your most favorite activity or lesson this week?
 We have a part member family whose mother just went through the temple.  So we showed a video about the history of temples and explained why they are so important.  The daughter asked some good questions.  The family's progression is slow but I see that they are changing. 

Have you eaten or prepared any strange foods?
I don't know what is strange any more.  I did eat curie-curie last Saturday.  It is meat that has a peanut butter sauce and you eat it with bagaong (fish paste) I really don't know what is in it.  All I know is it is salty.

When are the next transfers? 
Transfers are next week.  August 9.  So next Wednesday I will email you guys if I am transferring, but I won't be able to tell you who my new companion is until next next Monday.

Do you like long letters from home or short letters from home?
I like to know what is going on at home so whatever length.  President said only family now, so I will only be reading you letters.

I am really happy to hear that the Mckees are getting sealed.  It will be a really great experience for them.

I have had a really good week. It has rained almost everyday; almost all day.  Some parts of our zone are flooded pretty bad.  Ours is not.  Oh, I am almost done with Jesus The Christ.  I have been reading it on and off from the start of my mission.  Most of our pday is spent picking apart the old church movies and noticing the same actors over and over.

Thanks for all of you support.  Love you all.

Elder Hatch 

Monday, July 23, 2012


All is well.  We are in the tail end of a bagyo (hurricane).  We are getting lots of rain. Some areas are getting flooded but our area is fine.  We are having fun in the rain.  Everyone is always worried that we are wet and cold and that we will get sick, because we don't use umbrellas.  It is kind of funny, but we always get in the door when it rains.  Oh, we had zone interviews with President Sperry, and he said that I can't post pictures on the Blogs, so I will send a few here and there but you will just have to wait till I get home before you can see all of them.  I am taking pictures still, so don't worry.  I have not received your package yet, but it could come tomorrow.  Teaching is going really well.  I am having a really good time here, teaching and spreading the gospel.  Time is zipping by I am almost done training.  It seem just like 3 weeks ago I had just started training.  

The main event of this week was helping the Zone Leaders move.  On Friday, they called us and asked us to help them.  So we showed up and helped move some of their stuff outside until the AP's got there with the van.  Elder Bahian and I were basically the movers.  It was a lot of fun hanging our with the Zone Leaders and the AP's for a day.

In my personal study I have been reading about sacrifice still and forsaking evil.  My favorite scriptures are D&C 98:11, 58:43, and Alma 5:14

Sorry not much happened this week.  Hopfuly I will have more to say next week.  Love you all.
Elder Hatch 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hello everyone,

This week was a week of blessings, both of received and given.  This week I have had the opportunity to give five (5) Healing Blessings.  It was a great experience that really tried my faith.  The funny part is for the Healing Blessing there is two parts: the anointing and the sealing.  The anointing is the prep and the sealing is the where the blessing is given.  Every time we were asked if we could give a blessing either I or Elder Bahian would ask, Who would you like to give you the blessing?, They would point at me and say, you.  It was very humbling that they thought of me that highly to ask for a blessing from the Lord and ask me to give it.  Oh side note I gave the blessings in Tagalog, a lot harder to say, but easier to follow the spirit.

On the receiving end of blessings I have been very fortunate.  We found some new investigators, from referrals and through our own finding efforts.  We picked some Less active families that we wanted to focus on that we feel that they are ready to come back we just have to show them how and that they can.  The work is challenging but very rewarding.  I can't explain how happy I feel when an investigator or less active comes to church or how devastated I feel when they don't come or don't read.  I am really trying to lose myself in the work.

This week in my study, I have been studying our covenants, from Baptism and Confirmation to the Endowment. In the June or July issue of the Liahona, there is an article about our covenants.  It is worth the read.  My main study has been the covenants we make in the Endowment.  I learn why all missionaries are endowed, it is because of the nature of our work are exactly the covenants that we make.  So as missionaries we can more fully receive the blessings from on high.  What I have really been studying is the Law of Sacrifice.  I have a talk that I will send.  I learned that we need to give up the things of the world that aren't necessarily bad, but that can very easily become time wasting or distracting.  I'll send you the talk so you can understand better, but a scripture in D&C 98:11-15, is a good summary of the Law on Sacrifice.

Love you all.  Stay safe and always remember to pray.

Elder Hatch 

The Law of Sacrifice - Ensign Oct. 1998 - ensign

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The pictures were great.  What did you think of my pictures?

I am really glad that Shaw is going on a mission.  I think out of all my friends, he is the one that needs this experience the most.  It is true that going on a mission helps us become the men we is meant to be.  Already I feel that I am becoming the man I am meant to be.  I still have a ways to go but I am working on it every day.  Thank you for going to Shaw's Farewell, I am sure that it meant a lot to him.

Levi is coming home that is crazy.  For some reason is seems like he has been out a lot longer than two years.  Maybe it’s because that I graduated and went on my mission.  It’s too bad that Derek wont be able to see him.  I know that Derek is going to have a blast on his mission just like I am.  Question, how is Shayla doing?

This week has been good we had a baptism on Saturday. We baptized two potential Priesthood holders.  It was a great feeling.  One was ordained a Deacon and the other a Priest, but as soon as he can, he will receive the Melchizidec.  The Deacon said that he wants to serve a mission and he is going to seminary.  It is awesome to see the changes in people.  The other he is funny.  He is a grandpa.  As we have been teaching him, he just accepted everything and said, this is right and it will let my children and grandchildren see my example and make them better.  He also wants his children to learn about the church. It has been a wonderful experience and it is not over.

I am learning so much in the scriptures and from the living prophets.  This week I found some really good scriptures about "Fear Not".  So when you have time you can read them and see what you can learn.
D&C 6:33-34,36; 68:6; Isaiah 41:10; and my favorite Deuteronomy 31:6,8

Love you all
Elder Hatch 

Monday, July 2, 2012

All good things come from work

I'm glad that you are having fun in California.  I had a good half a week.  Not much has happened.  We did find a new investigator and are going to have two baptisms on Saturday.  It has been really fun to watch our investigators change and want to come to church and want to be baptized.  Sunday, Brother Benny came to church and he has only be coming to Sacrament Meeting, but this week he went to all three hours and the Elders Quorum really welcomed him into the Quorum.  Seeing all these changes it has really made me want to change. By the way, there is a really good article by Elder David A. Bednar, in the April Liahona, which means that it should be in the Ensign, about the Atonement, any way that is what I read.  It gave me a lot of good ideas about how to change and become a better missionary and a better person.  I love the scriptures there is so many good things in them, but you have to search for them.  All good things come from work, and the best things are not easy to do.  I love you all and will have more to talk about next week.  Pray always.

Elder Hatch

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learning A Lot

Well another transfer here and gone.  Tomorrow is my 9 month mark.  Time flies when you are having fun.  I have learned a lot this transfer, a lot about myself, a lot about planning and the importance of it, and how an example can really have an affect on someone.  I have examples here in the mission and from home that are really helping me become the best missionary that I can be.  With me being a Trainer and my companion is so fresh and new and wants to learn, I can shape him to be a great missionary.  I have learned so much from the scriptures this transfer.  I know that I am just going to keep learning and changing and becoming better.  So far the best thing I have learned this transfer is about obedience.  It started when I read in D&C 6:20, which gives a blessing for keeping the commandments, which is feeling the love of God.  I then read in the footnote about love.  It took me to John 15:9-14, which is the Savior's discourse on the law of love.  I also read John 14:15 and Mosiah 4:2 (I think check the footnotes it will take you to the right place in Mosiah)  If you guys will read those and tell me what you learned from those scriptures.

I posted the pictures. It was good to see the pictures you posted. ( The only thing that would be nice for you to send is canned peaches.

The Crimson Trail is one of my favorite hikes, because when you get up on top it is just a nice walk with a beautiful view.  Little hikes for Dad are ones that you can do in a day and he probably is thinking of the ones that him and I did.

We have some baptisms planned for July most of them are pretty sure.  It is really cool to see people change and accept the gospel into their lives.  It is a testimony and energy booster to see people change.  In this area I have a lot of investigators that are progressing so I have not had the time to find less actives.  I am hoping to find a few this next transfer.

Love you all
Elder Hatch

(see pictures below)

Mission Pictures

Navotas Beach...

...Isn't Beautiful?

Yes that is all Garbage...

...We had to clean it up!

Look how happy we were. (This is in my old area but I thought you would like to see it)

A ward activity

I helped Barbeque

Left is my companion and the right is our 2nd counselor in the bishopric.

It was very hot.

As a Zone we went to some caves.

This the Philippines that I wanted to serve in

That is a Jack fruit

And I found a monkey.