Monday, July 23, 2012


All is well.  We are in the tail end of a bagyo (hurricane).  We are getting lots of rain. Some areas are getting flooded but our area is fine.  We are having fun in the rain.  Everyone is always worried that we are wet and cold and that we will get sick, because we don't use umbrellas.  It is kind of funny, but we always get in the door when it rains.  Oh, we had zone interviews with President Sperry, and he said that I can't post pictures on the Blogs, so I will send a few here and there but you will just have to wait till I get home before you can see all of them.  I am taking pictures still, so don't worry.  I have not received your package yet, but it could come tomorrow.  Teaching is going really well.  I am having a really good time here, teaching and spreading the gospel.  Time is zipping by I am almost done training.  It seem just like 3 weeks ago I had just started training.  

The main event of this week was helping the Zone Leaders move.  On Friday, they called us and asked us to help them.  So we showed up and helped move some of their stuff outside until the AP's got there with the van.  Elder Bahian and I were basically the movers.  It was a lot of fun hanging our with the Zone Leaders and the AP's for a day.

In my personal study I have been reading about sacrifice still and forsaking evil.  My favorite scriptures are D&C 98:11, 58:43, and Alma 5:14

Sorry not much happened this week.  Hopfuly I will have more to say next week.  Love you all.
Elder Hatch