Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little news

We asked about the Chinese New Year:  
Since it is pday we don't really see much.  Over the last couple of days there have been some of the Chinese dragons but that is about it.  A lot of people  have work off today so there will be a lot of people around.  But other than that, that is all I have seen.

Mom found her ACT scores and sent them to Cody. This is his response:
I already told Whitnee in her email but push her harder than you did with me to take the ACT earlier and more times than me.  So she has a better chance at getting a better score.  She won't like it at first but I wish I would had taken it more.

We told Cody that Larry (the farmer) is retiring:
So with Larry retiring is he still going to need Trevor on the farm? 

Cody's little bit of news:
There is a member in my ward who is trying to talk with you through facebook.  She has a lot of pictures so check your Facebook.  That way you can get some more pictures of me and my companion.  I didn't get transferred.  I probably won't get transferred next transfer because  I will be the oldest in the area and my companion has been here for 4 transfers.  But my companion just became District leader.  That is the latest in the mission.

Answers to dad's questions:
The compass is in my YHEC backpack in the side pouch.  My release should be in the bow case if it is not in there I don't have a clue where it is.

Thanks for Shalya's email.

Love Elder Hatch 

Monday, January 16, 2012


Sorry, I just got back from SM and I don't have my camera and this week has been a little werid.  At the end of transfers our pday gets changed to Wednesday.  Next week I will be sure to upload the pictures. 
That is way cool that Shayla is almost in the MTC.  If you can, see if you can get her Myldsmail email.  I know she will be a great missionary.  Wow, Derek is already turning in his papers.  I really hope he gets called to the Philippines that would be so cool!  I think he gets called to Italy.  That's my bet.  Did Trevor really grow five inches?
With the less active members, it is going great in one spot of our area, the other areas not so much.  We are working with this one less active, Brother Art.  He was baptized in 1979 and has been inactive since 1982.  He has a lot of word of wisdom issues, but he is really improving.  He has come to church the last two weeks, and in these last two weeks there have been huge changes in how he acts.  It is really hard to teach him.  He lives in a chicken coop, and there are rats everywhere.  It is really sad.  But he is one of the coolest old guys ever.  Another person we are working on is Rafael. He is not a member yet.  He is this funny old guy that acts like a kid.  It is the best.  He asks a lot of questions and when we teach him the commandments, he starts living them right away.  His wife is way cool too.  Whenever we go to teach them and we ask if they remember what we taught, Rafael ask his wife instead of us. It is awesome.  And Rafael and his wife came to church for the first time this week. It was the best.
Funniest thing happend while we were at SM today.  We went into Macdo's (McDonald's) and as we were ordering, a huge rat ran in front of the counter that you order from. It was the funniest thing.  After it ran by we ordered our food and sat down and ate.  We talked about how that would never happen in the states.
Keep having fun and working to progress in the gospel.  I'm doing fine.  I'll let you know when the packages get here.
Elder Hatch

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Craving Peanut Butter

All I have here to cook with is a frying pan, a pot, and a toaster oven... so yeah.  Jed was right I am craving peanut butter.  One of the Elders I went on exchanges on had some and it was so good.  The other problem here is cheese is really expensive.  But we are expanding our food knowledge.  The members feed a lot and they make a lot of food.

I have not got any packages yet, but mail run is not until Tuesday, and then not for another two weeks so I don't know when I'll get them.  I'll let you know when I get them.

Emailing is to family and close friends.  So I'll email you guys and all my friends on missions.  We have about an hour that we try to get every thing done in, but we sometimes go over.  The only emails I have gotten are from you guys and Marshall, Chris, Shaw, and Joel.

Oh tell Dad Happy birthday!

I forgot my camera today so on Monday I'll upload a lot of pictures.

I'm still doing good.  Still having fun, still learning a lot. The Pig set up sounds way cool.  I wish I could see it.  It sounds like the cabin was fun but no snow!  Whats up with that?  Chris doing good?  How about Joel?  We have a lot of way cool investigators so it is way easy to love the people.  The members are way awesome too.  One other thing Filippios are way funny.
Mango Float is way good I can't tell you whats in it because I'm going to make it when I get home.  I still have to work out a few things to make it just right. They just got new money so it looks way cool.  Keep having fun and read the scriptures.

Elder Hatch

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

The blog worked great, it was good to see all of you. (http://hatchinitup.blogspot.com/)  If you can you should send instructions on how to post pictures because then I can just post the pictures on there and you can look at all of them.  I have been taking a few more pictures but if I can post them on the blog it will be faster and easier.  They didn't really tell us if we could or not, but my trainer said as long as there is just church music I'm good.  We have a DVD player that acts as our CD player, so if you want to send some CD's, you can.  All the mail takes 3-8 weeks to get here. It doesn't matter if it is USPS or dearelder. It's anybodies guess as to when it gets here.  I haven't got any packages or mail yet but like I said it takes a while and mail run is every two weeks.  I don't know the exact address that is the best but is the post office on Nia Road, I think.  On New Year's Eve, we tried not to stay up to0 late but here everyone has fire works and they are not little.  Big fire crackers kept going off. They were super loud and at Midnight the whole sky lit up and it was like a war zone.  Fire works every where.  There was a thick cloud of smoke from Saturday till now. There is still a little remnant of the smoke.

This week wasn't the best week for teaching, because a lot of families are back in the province with there families.  Christmas and New Year's a lot of people get drunk so we had a few times we had interesting conversations with a drunk guy.  The other thing that didn't help our week was we went to the mission office and that took almost 5 hours to get there talk with President and get back to our area.  Also my companion was sick Friday so we didn't go out.  Oh, but I did go on my first exchanges this week.  I don't like them because I have to go to another area, teach people that I don't know where they are at and we stay the night at the other apartment, and I like my bed.  I did learn a lot from the other elders in the different ways they do things and some things we could improve on.  This next week will be a lot better. 

I'm doing fine.  I'm healthy and happy.  I'm working hard and having fun at the same time.  Keep having fun.


Elder Hatch