Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hard Area

I am doing ok.  I am in a really hard area.  The branch in cool and nice, but we have 3 investigators and we are working with like 5 less active families.  The rest of the time we tract.  This transfer I have felt what state side missionaries feel.  The work is really hard but most days we have fun and all of my journal entries start with "It was a good day..."  Life here is good.  I have learned how to make spaghetti. It tastes really good. I cooked Camp Eggs twice, and I eat a lot of fish.  One more thing this week, I became a real Philippines missionary.  You can ask Jed what that means or just wait to till later for me to tell you.
I did not get transferred, so I will be in Bustos for 4 1/2 months hopefully for 6.  My companion is not transferring either, so we will be together for 3 months.  My companion has stretched me. He was E.T. into my area for me to watch him and help him become a better missionary. And it was hard.  We are doing better now, but we still have a way to go.  It will be a good transfer.  

We have this one investigators, Nicole(15) and Karen(13), They are a little young but they read and always remember what they read and they have really good questions.  They are fun to teach because we promised them that if they will read then we will sing a hymn.  They love it and we don't mind singing and we still have like 330 hymns we can sing.

I am having fun and it sounds like you guys are having fun as well.  Don't worry about me.  I  have been out on a mission for 13 months and in the field for 11.  Nothing surprises me anymore and a new transfer is a great time to just start over and have a new attitude. I was a little down this transfer but I am doing good now.  I will try and keep you more informed on what is going on and how I am doing.

Love you lots
Elder Hatch