Monday, November 5, 2012

Still in Bustos

Right now our Sundays are one of our harder days.  We usually don't eat dinner at members houses, but that is about to change... During our branch council, the branch clerk Keryl (who is an RM) talked to the branch about setting up a dinner schedule.  I am very excited.

Really there is no way to prepare for mission life.  You need to prepare spiritually by: praying every morning and night, reading the scriptures especially The Book of Mormon, reading Preach My Gospel, going to church and seminary.  That is what you can do to get ready for a mission.  The asking questions about the mission, you can't really get a grasp on what life is like, especially when you ask new RMs, because it is just life not "missionary life".  Like now I forget what is it like to live in America, because I live in the Philippines and I have just gotten use to all the stuff that happens.  The best example of what missionary life is, is The Best Two Years.

About conference, we went to the  stake center and watched Saturday morning session at 8 in the morning on Saturday, Saturday afternoon session at 11, and Priesthood session at 1, Sunday morning session  at 8 in the morning on Sunday, and Sunday afternoon at 12.  That is conference in the Philippines.

Dad and Trevor both better write me next week and tell me about their hunt and how it went.

Halloween is different here.  They don't celebrate Halloween but they sell costumes and have Halloween parties.  They don't go trick or teating, it is not really about the candy.  On November 1, they have something like Day of the Dead, but they celebrate is like Memorial Day when  every one goes to the Cemetery, but it is not solemn, it is like The 4th of July.  Every one having a good time at the Cemetery.  It was really hard to work that day because everyone was at the Cemetery.

The only thing I can think of that you could send in the Christmas package is money to help me buy some souvenirs. Oh you could send some Muddy Buddies, or home made English Toffee, or Fudge.  I have not got your package with the card yet.  We are not getting mail run this week, and I don' know if they are coming to us next week.  I might get it in two to three weeks.  My pants are holding up really well.  I did rip my charcoal pants but I just need to take them to a tailor to get them fixed.  I am planing on getting some pants made here when I get some money.  I do need some new ties but I will just buy them here because they are only five bucks for some pretty good ties.

 Bustos has two stores, a 7 Eleven and a Grocery store.  What I compare Bustos to is home, the South end of the Valley.  Just take out all the stores and mountains and replace the Alfalfa fields with Rice fields, and you are where I am at.  So I hope that gives you a better picture of what it is like here.

Love you all,
Elder Hatch