Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Answers to Questions

What is up family?

I have had a pretty good week.  A lot of our appointments fell through, but it gave us a chance to find some new investigators.  Some of our investigators don't really care anymore so we are going to try and rekindle the fire but if they really don't want it then we are going to find someone else that is ready to hear and receive the gospel.  We do have a few families that are really interested and progressing.  We should have a baptism at the end of this month.

Answers to Questions:

What is the weather like now?
The weather is good.  Rains a lot still, but the days are a little bit cooler.  It is really hot at about 12-3, then it cools down.  I don't use an umbrella because when it rains it RAINS.  A couple of days I have just been soaked, but I have the thin white shirts and dri lux garment so after about an hour I am dryish.
Are the missionaries in your zone doing good work so that it is easy for you to be Zone Leader? 
All the missionaries in the zone are good, hard workers.  Which takes a lot of stress away to know that they will just work and don't need someone to watch there every move.  So so far no stress.
What responsibilities did you have this week?
We had Zone Leader Council (ZLC), where we talk about what is going on in the mission.  Things with rules, things that are happening, and things we can do to improve the mission.  What families are you working with?
The progressing families are: The San Gabreil, De Vera, Sister Andrea, Rodrigez, and Philip.  Three are less-active families returning, one is an part member family and the last is an investigator.  We are having a lot of fun teaching them.  It is wonderful to watch someone accept the gospel; it is also devastating to watch someone reject the gospel. 
Are you still focusing on re-activiation more than baptisms? 
We are trying to find the balance, because when we switched new investigators dropped and so did baptisms.  The area seventy told us that we need to do better at finding.  So that is our focus now.  Less actives, new investigators and baptism.
How often do you meet with the mission president?
We see the mission president quite a bit.  Before I became Zone Leader we had Zone Conference every other month and Zone Interviews every other month as well.  So we see him at least once a month.  Now that I am Zone Leader we meet with him every month at ZLC.
Do you feel like he knows you and you have a good relationship with him?
Yeah I feel that he knows me and we have a good a relationship just like every other missionary and his mission president.

It is good to hear that you all are having fun.  With the baby blessing, indexing, the jump place, USU beating Utah, and Whitnee and the Dance.

I need a couple of things.  One could you find my line of authority. Also I can't write dearelders so I need Chris' mission office address.  Also I need the names of Derek and Shayla's missions

Here are some of my favorite scriptures this week about Discipleship: 3 Nephi 5:13; D&C 41:5, 45:32, and 103:27-28.  Hope you like them

Oh funny story of the week.  We went to a less-actives house, they have five kids, and we were talking to the kids while the parent were getting ready.  So I ask their names, if they are baptized yet, and I asked the older ones which child they were the eldest and the second child knew where they were at.  I got to the third child and I asked him if he was the third or fourth child.  He turns to is sister and says, "Ate, pangapat ba ako?  which is Sis, am I the fourth child?  It was way funny the way he said it and it helps that he said it in Tagalog.  When little kids speak Tagalog it is funny.

Thats all for now folks

Love you all,
Elder Hatch