Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Almost One Year

Man I miss chopping the corn.  That was my favorite time of the year.  That is really cool that Trevor is going to get his fur bearers licence.  Is he going to trap around the farm?  Be sure to tell him that cutting is the best thing.  Like I told him, you just have to be good at it.  For YHEC are you all planning on going down or just Trevor and Dad?  He does need to study so he can get in the Top 5.  Is this his last year as a Junior or does he have one left?

The temple dedication I bet was really cool.  I remember going to a temple dedication but other than that I don't remember much.  That was cool that Dad and Trevor were invited to Daniel's ordination.

Do you go to the temple every month?
We go once a Transfer so kind of once a month, but sometimes it is in the start of the month and sometimes it is in the end.  It all just depends on when we are scheduled.
Did you have a baptism?
Yes, we have a baptism this Saturday.  A great way to celebrate my year mark.  This baptism will be the first convert baptism in a year in the branch.  It is a really tough area but I love it now.
Do you have to walk everywhere?
Yes, we try and walk everywhere to save on money.  The fares here are really expensive and the trike drivers sometimes ripe us off.  I get lots of exercise. 
How are your shoes holding up?
The shoes are fine.  There are some part of the soles that are coming apart but I am just going to super glue them and they should be good for another 6 months.
Did you get a new companion at the last transfer?
No, we stayed together.  I think that I will stay here one more transfer and so will he, so I will be the one that sends him home.
Have you bought any new shirts or pants?
About the shirts and pants, I am fine with shirts and pants, but I want to get some pants made that are awesome and are pretty cheap in dollars.  But I have no personal money since I lost my wallet.  I want to get 4 pairs of pants and that will cost about $100, then I need another $150 to finish up buying souvenirs.  So I don't know the best way to get that here.  I don't need it right away, but no latter than the April Conference.  Christmas would probably be the best.  Just take it out of my account.

Another thing, can you send me the name of Derek and Shayla's mission.  Also,  what do you think of me coming home a transfer early for school in August, or me coming home in October, or extending a transfer and coming home in November?  I just want your opinion.  Because I don't know what would be the best.

Not much happens during Transfer week so next week I will have more stories to tell.  Thanks for all the news and support.

I read Helaman 6:47 and thought of these two scriptures, Alma 58:11 and D&C 6:23

Love you all,
Elder Hatch