Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learning A Lot

Well another transfer here and gone.  Tomorrow is my 9 month mark.  Time flies when you are having fun.  I have learned a lot this transfer, a lot about myself, a lot about planning and the importance of it, and how an example can really have an affect on someone.  I have examples here in the mission and from home that are really helping me become the best missionary that I can be.  With me being a Trainer and my companion is so fresh and new and wants to learn, I can shape him to be a great missionary.  I have learned so much from the scriptures this transfer.  I know that I am just going to keep learning and changing and becoming better.  So far the best thing I have learned this transfer is about obedience.  It started when I read in D&C 6:20, which gives a blessing for keeping the commandments, which is feeling the love of God.  I then read in the footnote about love.  It took me to John 15:9-14, which is the Savior's discourse on the law of love.  I also read John 14:15 and Mosiah 4:2 (I think check the footnotes it will take you to the right place in Mosiah)  If you guys will read those and tell me what you learned from those scriptures.

I posted the pictures. It was good to see the pictures you posted. ( The only thing that would be nice for you to send is canned peaches.

The Crimson Trail is one of my favorite hikes, because when you get up on top it is just a nice walk with a beautiful view.  Little hikes for Dad are ones that you can do in a day and he probably is thinking of the ones that him and I did.

We have some baptisms planned for July most of them are pretty sure.  It is really cool to see people change and accept the gospel into their lives.  It is a testimony and energy booster to see people change.  In this area I have a lot of investigators that are progressing so I have not had the time to find less actives.  I am hoping to find a few this next transfer.

Love you all
Elder Hatch

(see pictures below)

Mission Pictures

Navotas Beach...

...Isn't Beautiful?

Yes that is all Garbage...

...We had to clean it up!

Look how happy we were. (This is in my old area but I thought you would like to see it)

A ward activity

I helped Barbeque

Left is my companion and the right is our 2nd counselor in the bishopric.

It was very hot.

As a Zone we went to some caves.

This the Philippines that I wanted to serve in

That is a Jack fruit

And I found a monkey.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Utah: Land of the Mormons

I did a few sealings for the dead while I was in the MTC.  They were cool, and it just made me want to be sealed in the temple even more.  Also, I think a live sealing will be even better.  Tell Ryan and Kristie that I wish I could have been there, but I am where I am supposed to be.

I liked the dearelder letters in the MTC because it came that same day and in the MTC you need all the physical mail you can get.  So send Derek one whenever you get the chance.  For out in the field, the ones from Grandma and Grandpa are great. They give me a little pick me up. They are just harder to respond to.  So if you want to send a dearelder, I would just say write a little encouragement, because I have no idea when it will get here.

I am doing well. Of course there are good days and there are bad days, but overall its good and I am happy.  Transfers are coming up next week but I don't have to worry about them because I am training.  I Taglish it a lot.  Right now I am moving from English to Tagalog, because some times I have an idea I want to express but I don't know how to say it in Tagalog and I forgot how to say it in English.  It is really funny when that happens, because I have to explain the idea in both English and Tagalog until the  idea comes out in either English or Tagalog.  Most of the time when I talk, which ever is easier to say or shorter is what I say.  Like location most of the time is easier to use than English.  Right now a fun word to use is "palpak" which means failure.  I'll think of some other ones I use this week.  My favorite family is the Esling Family.  Their oldest just got back from his mission and is our ward mission leader. Two younger boys... one is deacon age and the other is almost out of primary. Then one daughter who is in between the two younger boys, she helps me with Tagalog.  They feed us every Sunday and it is good food.  Filipino food, of course.  We have a lot of fun over there. They always ask questions about the states and what it is like in Utah: the land of the Mormons.  They find it weird that a lot of girls don't go on missions in Utah.  With pictures, I forget. Next Pday I will.  I won't email until Wednesday because of transfers. Love you all

Elder Hatch

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Good Week

The work is good. I am always busy.  In working all the time I am always tired and the time is flying.  This transfer is almost over.  

I had to give a workshop in district meeting, which is just like a lesson.  I taught on how to study effectively.  It was really cool because I am still learning how to study and I am always improving, so in studying for the workshop, I learned a lot.  Afterwards I asked some of the elders what they thought and they said that it really helped them and that they were going to try some of the ideas I suggested.  Another thing that is kind of funny, is that I have a very hard time speaking in English.  I have met a few people that I had to teach in English and it is super hard.  Tagalog is easy to teach in.  My companion always makes fun of me because he can speak English better than me sometimes.  Another really cool thing was on Sunday we had a few appointments and we were supposed to have a dinner appointment at my ward mission leaders house.  Sunday was supposed to be a good day, but at church, our dinner appointment was canceled, so no food on Sunday.  But the Bishop invited us over for lunch so we went there and had Hawaiian food. It was good.  We go out to work and all of my appointments are pretty solid. I was worried that we were not going to have enough time to visit all of them.  We get to the area that we were going to work in and my first 6 appointments fall through in an hour. That includes back-ups.  My next appointment is not until 6:30, so I decided to go to the High Councilmen's house, because all his daughters are less active and are married to nonmembers, so it is a potential.  We show up and they have food ready so they feed us and we set up an appointment that we could come back and teach in a better setting.  Then we went to our 6:30, appointment and they tell us about someone they knew had a stroke. I didn't catch that it was our old bishop's son's girlfriend's mom.  Hope that makes sense.  Anyway, we were able to give her a blessing and it was a good experience.  The whole reason that our dinner appointment was canceled and all our appointment fell through was so we could talk with the  High Counselor and give that blessing.

It's been a good week.  I love the work.  I love you all.
Love Elder Hatch

Monday, June 4, 2012

Green Space

Picture is from Google Images of Guiguinto, Bulacan
Ok first off, I am in Guiguinto, Bulacan.  It is awesome out here. I love it.  I am taking more pictures because it is beautiful here.  I see caribou. I really want to ride one. When I do, I will send you the picture.  The training is going pretty good.  I have so much work in the area that we have to have splits with the members.  I feel a little bad because I am sending a new missionary out on his own, but then I think of all the stories in conference when the General Authority entered the mission field and went straight into splits.  Elder Bahian is a really good elder and I am learning a lot from him.  I always have something to do, I am always busy and always tired.  However, I am having a good time and the time is flying.  

Oh I need to know all of you favorite colors.

That is awesome that Chris and Shaw have their mission calls.  I knew that Chris was going to the East coast because he loves lacrosse, and he will be able to relate well to the people there.  Shaw leaves fast; only a month a way.  I could not have gotten ready that fast.

It's good to hear that you are all doing well.  School just started here as you are all out of school. Another thing I am used to the heat.  The other day it was 85 and the wind was blowing a little and I wanted a jacket.  Right now it is about 90 to 95 every day, but summer is over here and the Storm Season is starting.  I might have some stories in the months to come about some storms. Love you lots

Elder Hatch