Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Still...still in Bustos

First thing, I am not transferring.  I am still in Bustos.  I will be here for a half a year...hahaha... but it is all good.  I like it here and I am getting a new companion.  Next week I will tell you all about him.  I have had a lot of frustration with my companion, I love him, but sometimes we just didn't get along.  I was hard and I had to swallow a lot of pride, just so we could teach.  I learned a lot from this transfer, a lot with how to deal with people.  My friends are still in the zone Elder Green and Elder Brown, so we are all really happy that we will have Christmas together just like Thanksgiving.

I did hear about the Typhoon that hit Mindano that is the southern island.  It was a really bad typhoon a lot of people died.  But it wasn't close to us.  For Whtinee a typhoon is a hurricane in the Pacific Ocean.

For Christmas, Whitnee told me that she might be working on Christmas Eve and most of the elders are going to call on Christmas, I just might do that.  Because I need to go to another elders area to skype you guys, because none of the computer shops here in Bustos can.  I will coordinate with the other elders and next week I will give you the for sure plan.

Sorry I am emailing late, we kind of had a farewell pday for the missionaries leaving the zone and I don't have much time we have a dinner appointment real soon so I will email all of you next week I promise.

Elder Hatch