Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Ok first off, I did use the credit card.  I ran out of room on my flash drive and I was going to just buy another 16 GB, but it would cost me 720 pesos ($9) and we found portable terabytes, like the one I bought for our computer, for 4,500 pesos ($105).  So I know that it is a big jump, but it is worth the money and I can use it after the mission and I won't have to worry about using up space.  So just use my account to pay for it.  I was going to tell you before but with the end of the transfer coming up I wanted to get the picture from the other elders before they get transferred.  Next time I use the card I will let you know before hand.

This was a really good week.  I went up to a San Miguel where Elder Anderson is district leader, and went to district meeting.  We had a good time talk about old time in our first area.  We planed a Thanksgiving dinner, but then he got call into the office.  He is now the Mission Secretary.  It was sad to have him leave but now I will see him more often.  But then Elder Brown texted and asked if we were still coming up for Thanksgiving.  We said we would, but I didn't think that it could be very good.  I had some pasta that I took to cook so we could have some American food, but then I found out that all the American elders which is basically   the whole zone had some American food.  Elder Green had mashed potatoes, Elder Brown had stuffing, Elder Mackie had pudding, Elder Guard had some canned corn.  I bought some strawberry jam and rolles, and we bought some rotisery chicken to substitute for turkey.  I will send some pictures to explain much better.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Elder Green is from Hoper, Utah, it is close to Ogden.  He goes home a transfer after me.  Elder Green and I will definitely hang out after the mission.  Elder Anderson is from Tennessee, but is going to BYU.  Elder Anderson came into the MTC the same day I did and we were in the same room in the MTC.  He will be a little harder to hang out with but we are making plans.