Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The pictures were great.  What did you think of my pictures?

I am really glad that Shaw is going on a mission.  I think out of all my friends, he is the one that needs this experience the most.  It is true that going on a mission helps us become the men we is meant to be.  Already I feel that I am becoming the man I am meant to be.  I still have a ways to go but I am working on it every day.  Thank you for going to Shaw's Farewell, I am sure that it meant a lot to him.

Levi is coming home that is crazy.  For some reason is seems like he has been out a lot longer than two years.  Maybe it’s because that I graduated and went on my mission.  It’s too bad that Derek wont be able to see him.  I know that Derek is going to have a blast on his mission just like I am.  Question, how is Shayla doing?

This week has been good we had a baptism on Saturday. We baptized two potential Priesthood holders.  It was a great feeling.  One was ordained a Deacon and the other a Priest, but as soon as he can, he will receive the Melchizidec.  The Deacon said that he wants to serve a mission and he is going to seminary.  It is awesome to see the changes in people.  The other he is funny.  He is a grandpa.  As we have been teaching him, he just accepted everything and said, this is right and it will let my children and grandchildren see my example and make them better.  He also wants his children to learn about the church. It has been a wonderful experience and it is not over.

I am learning so much in the scriptures and from the living prophets.  This week I found some really good scriptures about "Fear Not".  So when you have time you can read them and see what you can learn.
D&C 6:33-34,36; 68:6; Isaiah 41:10; and my favorite Deuteronomy 31:6,8

Love you all
Elder Hatch