Monday, July 30, 2012

Questions from home

Hello all,

First, Mom, the bishop's wife would like some recipes from you.  Her name is Sister Sherill Javier. She is from Hawaii.  She would like your recipe for, Banana Cake, if you have a German Chocolate Cake, and Spice Cake.

Did the mission president give a reason for not being able to post pictures?
He said that it was like Facebook and he does not want to have to monitor it, and if he allowed me, it would open doors for all the other missionaries.

Have you received any packages from us yet? 
I received the package that had the battery charger, last Tuesday.

What was your most favorite activity or lesson this week?
 We have a part member family whose mother just went through the temple.  So we showed a video about the history of temples and explained why they are so important.  The daughter asked some good questions.  The family's progression is slow but I see that they are changing. 

Have you eaten or prepared any strange foods?
I don't know what is strange any more.  I did eat curie-curie last Saturday.  It is meat that has a peanut butter sauce and you eat it with bagaong (fish paste) I really don't know what is in it.  All I know is it is salty.

When are the next transfers? 
Transfers are next week.  August 9.  So next Wednesday I will email you guys if I am transferring, but I won't be able to tell you who my new companion is until next next Monday.

Do you like long letters from home or short letters from home?
I like to know what is going on at home so whatever length.  President said only family now, so I will only be reading you letters.

I am really happy to hear that the Mckees are getting sealed.  It will be a really great experience for them.

I have had a really good week. It has rained almost everyday; almost all day.  Some parts of our zone are flooded pretty bad.  Ours is not.  Oh, I am almost done with Jesus The Christ.  I have been reading it on and off from the start of my mission.  Most of our pday is spent picking apart the old church movies and noticing the same actors over and over.

Thanks for all of you support.  Love you all.

Elder Hatch