Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Conference 2012

Conference was great.  There were a lot of good talks.  I can't wait for the Liahona, it will be a great time to go over the talks again.  One of my favorite talks was the one Elder Jeffery R Holland gave about not going back.  The one by Elder Russel M Nelson was way funny, it also let us know what our expectations are of what we need to know.  We all got a heads up from the members about the change in missionary age.  It was a big shock, but really cool.  The funnest part was when they showed the congregation and all of their faces.  This was a really good conference that was a great spiritual builder.

Not much happen this week; well, a lot happened but not in the work.  Monday was Pday, Tuesday was District Meeting with the whole zone that was really long, Wednesday was Zone Interviews with President Sperry, Thursday was a kind of normal day, Friday was Weekly Planning which takes forever, Saturday and Sunday was Conference.  So really nothing happened this week, we just prepared for conference.

It was really good to hear about your week and how everybody is doing.  It is always fun to read what is going on.  I am sorry that I am not much of a writer, but not a whole lot happens here in Bustos.  Love you all, thank you for sending a package.

Elder Hatch

I forgot this happened.