Monday, May 27, 2013

Short email=No Worries

I had a good week.  Again not much different has happened since the last week, hence another good week.  Transfers are next week... I am pretty sure that I am transferring and am going to be released as a Zone Leader, but I won't know until next week.  Also next week we will be moving apartments.  We are getting two sisters in this ward (I am pretty sure I told you that last week) so we have to move so the sisters can go into the old elders apartment.  I will probably only sleep in the new apartment for a night then transfer.  The crazy thing is my next area will probably be my last, which means in my whole mission I would end with five areas.

I can't believe that Shayla is already going home and that Derek is just leaving.  Where is he going again?  Derek does not seem old enough to go on a mission.  I just remember him as just barely being able to hunt elk.  It also sounds like you are going to have a crazy weekend with everyone coming and going.

The dental work on Trevor has me a little worried.  I have brushed my teeth twice a day everyday my entire mission, I am even starting to brush three times a day.  But I am still worried that when I get home and go to the dentist he is going to give me awful news about how many cavities I have.  That is the one thing that really worries me because the food here has so much sugar in it.  I am trying my best to keep up good hygiene I just hope it will be enough.

Sorry for the short email, but hey if the emails are short then it means nothing is bothering me.  Love you all.

Elder Hatch

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zone Activity

It was good to talk to you all last week.  It was good to see your faces even if they were a little blurry.  I don't have a lot of time today because we had a Zone Activity, we went bowling.  It was a lot of fun but we had to do it a little later in the day so everyone could get everything done in the morning.  We cleaned a lot this morning so we didn't get much done.  We are also preparing to move.  The ward we are in is getting an additional two missionaries to the four already here.  Wards here are huge but it is just funny to think that our stake just got two missionaries and this ward will have six.

I haven't really thought about why I am here.  However, I do know that I am here for a reason.  I also know that whatever area I am transferred to and how long I stay in an area is for a reason.  Do I know that reason, no, but I willingly go where ever the Lord sends me.  I try not to complain when it seems like the work comes to a halt.  I am here for someone even if that someone is just me.

We get the Liahona every month.  So I might have read what you read but we don't get the whole Ensign or New Era.

Yes we use the pamphlet, more so to help keep track of the principles we are teaching.  It would be interesting to see how the elders back in the states teach.  But even every mission has there own way of teaching.  I hope my teaching doesn't come off as a sales pitch.  I try to just explain the doctrine very simply and let the Holy Ghost do all the converting.

Sorry for the short email.  Love you all.

Elder Hatch

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fun with friends

First off, I am sorry I forgot to tell you that this week was Temple Pday.  That is why I am emailing now.

I had a pretty good week.  Our ward just started a dinner calendar, which means we have dinner every night.  It is always good food and a good time with the members.  Also the best day of the month happened last week, Mission Leadership Council (MLC).  MLC is Zone Leader Council with Sisters.  Because of all the sisters going on missions the Missionary Department created a new calling to help in the work and train sisters for future callings, but that is not why it was the best day of the month.  It was the best day because all of my friends are Zone Leaders.  We all just hung out at the Mission Home for a few hours and ate lunch.  Then since we are all close to going home, we all shared our plans for after the mission and how we were going to stay in touch.  It was a really good time.  Other than that it has just been a regular week.  I am just trying to keep my feet moving.  It is not that I want to be done it is just that I am so tired.  Thanks for your prayers they are lifting and carrying me.  As for my companion, he is a great guy and an excellent teacher.  The best part of getting a new companion is first, change, second, a new look on the area, and third  learn different ways to teach.  Down sides of getting a new companion, zero companionship unity, it takes time to figure out.  Different teaching styles, it is really hard at first and can be for the whole time if they are really different styles. Lastly you r last companion just became your best friend and now he is gone.  But all is well and I am working on trying to be the best companion I can be.

No one in the Philippines uses toilet paper.  The only time I use it is at the Mission Office or Mission Home.

Yes I will be skyping.  It will will be Monday at 10:00 am here and Sunday night there.  Have some questions ready and I will have some ready for you.  We are going to do it a little different this time, I will explain it when I call.

Love you so much,
Elder Hatch