Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learning A Lot

Well another transfer here and gone.  Tomorrow is my 9 month mark.  Time flies when you are having fun.  I have learned a lot this transfer, a lot about myself, a lot about planning and the importance of it, and how an example can really have an affect on someone.  I have examples here in the mission and from home that are really helping me become the best missionary that I can be.  With me being a Trainer and my companion is so fresh and new and wants to learn, I can shape him to be a great missionary.  I have learned so much from the scriptures this transfer.  I know that I am just going to keep learning and changing and becoming better.  So far the best thing I have learned this transfer is about obedience.  It started when I read in D&C 6:20, which gives a blessing for keeping the commandments, which is feeling the love of God.  I then read in the footnote about love.  It took me to John 15:9-14, which is the Savior's discourse on the law of love.  I also read John 14:15 and Mosiah 4:2 (I think check the footnotes it will take you to the right place in Mosiah)  If you guys will read those and tell me what you learned from those scriptures.

I posted the pictures. It was good to see the pictures you posted. ( The only thing that would be nice for you to send is canned peaches.

The Crimson Trail is one of my favorite hikes, because when you get up on top it is just a nice walk with a beautiful view.  Little hikes for Dad are ones that you can do in a day and he probably is thinking of the ones that him and I did.

We have some baptisms planned for July most of them are pretty sure.  It is really cool to see people change and accept the gospel into their lives.  It is a testimony and energy booster to see people change.  In this area I have a lot of investigators that are progressing so I have not had the time to find less actives.  I am hoping to find a few this next transfer.

Love you all
Elder Hatch

(see pictures below)