Monday, July 1, 2013

Books of Mormon

It was really good to read about your week, girls camp, high adventure, orienteering practice, Trevor getting his gun.  Sound like you were all busy.

I had a really good week.  I don't know if I told you but we had a mission training a few weeks ago to help us be better missionaries for the incoming flow of missionaries.  It was really good and exactly what we needed to hear.  We just went to work, before the training meeting I would hand out a Book of Mormon once or twice a week, but this week we handed out 21 copies of the Book of Mormon.  It was a lot of fun.  I talked to so many people.  That has been our focus this week along with teaching the less-actives.  My favorite lesson this week wasn't even a lesson.  It was when we went up to two guys to give them a Book of Mormon.  It was way fun and the two guys were way funny.  Making jokes the whole time while at the same time asking questions about our church.  We are going to them this week.  I will let you know how it goes.

I did get to watch the broadcast on missionary work.  It was really good, but it was more for the members and the changes they announced probably wont happen while I am on the mission.  I also realized that I will soon be a member and I will have to continue to help out in missionary work.

On thing that happened last week that I am very proud of was I had to fix our door knob.  It broke and we had to buy a new one and also replace the door hinge so that the door knob doesn't break again.  All I had to work with was a screw driver and a pair of pliers.

All that I know about me coming home is I will be leaving the mission on October 9.  I will get my fight plans in late August or early September that tells me exactly.  You may get my flight plans earlier but I don't know.

Love you,
Elder Hatch