Monday, June 24, 2013

A Great Week!

I had a great week.  It was very hard but it was a good week.  Last Friday we had a mission training.  Apparently we have been slacking off on finding.  Which is true a lot of us, especially the old guys (Me), have just been focusing on less-actives.  Which is good, but we could do better and the best is for us to be able to find and teach investigators and find and teach less-actives.  It was a really good training.  They also changed a few things about the mission.  Some styles of shoes and bags we can't use any more, like backpacks.  It is a good thing we listened to Jed and bought my shoulder bag, by the way it is still holding strong.

After the training meeting we went crazy with finding people and handing out copies of the Book of Mormon.  At the start of this week we had about 25 copies of the Book of Mormon; we now only have 3.  Almost every Book of Mormon we handed out we got a return appointment.  I have never talked to so many people in one week.  This week we had 17 new investigators.  That was the great part.  The hard part was handing out that many copies of the Book of Mormon.  We got rejected so many times.  Some of them hurt, but most of them were funny.  Some of the silliest excuses to not let us in.  "I'm Catholic" or "I'm Iglesia", I have a whole lot to say about those but I can't express it in an email.  They would also say "Next time" before I would even speak.  People are funny when they try to lie.

We only get to watch two broadcasts here, General Conference and our Area Broadcast.  I didn't even here that there was a world wide broadcast.

For the package I think that is a great idea to just put money in my account.  The package that you just sent has not gotten to me yet, but will probably come next week or the week after that.  That package will probably get me through the next 3 months.

I love my area.  It is beautiful here and the work is picking up.  We are climbing lots and lots of hills.  My legs are always sore, but it makes sitting and sleeping the happiest time.  I am taking lots of pictures and I took some pictures of my apartment.  I would send more pictures but it is hard through email and most pictures have a story behind them that I need to tell in person.

From what I remember our branch is about the same size as our ward, with attendance, but in size closer to the southern end of Cache Valley.  We have 300 members in the branch, but only 130 active.

I haven't really had any new food.  My favorite thing to cook is the only thing I know how to cook, spam and eggs.  Buying fresh fruit is always good.  I can't tell you my favorite because they are all good.

That is my week in a nut-shell.

Love you,
Elder Hatch