Monday, July 22, 2013

Good Week

It was a good week.  He is a great elder.  He really wants to learn English so I have been helping him as best I can.  It is really hard to teach English.  We are planning to keep passing out Book of Mormons.  This transfer we are going to try and pass out 500 as a district.  It is going to be a lot of fun. I am in a branch of about 300 members, but only 160 are active. There are four missionaries here as well.  My apartment is nice.  I like it.  I have been in worst and seen worst.  I have some one wash my cloths.  I washed my cloths once by hand and I will never do it again.  My favorite family is the Tan family.  They are a recent convert.  It is a lot of fun to teach them.  We hardly ever get feed in this area.  But that is alright it just means more time to work.

Sorry for the short email.  I had a survey to take and it is an elder's birthday today.  We are going to go and celebrate it.

Love you and thanks for the updates on YHEC

Elder Hatch