Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

First off, I almost don't even realize when holidays come.  Second, here in the Philippine they don't really celebrate Easter.  Because of the strong Catholic influence, the big celebration is on Friday.  It is crazy in some places. In some places they crucify someone, some places people whip themselves.  But there is none of that around here.  All we had were parades of Idols of Jesus and Mary (very weird and creepy).  The hard thing about the Philippines is the holidays here are not to get together with you family, it is to get together with all your buddies and drink and smoke (for the men) or get together and gossip and gamble (for the ladies).  Which makes it nearly impossible to find on holidays.  Also for not super strong or new investigators, they basically lose all their progress.  Same with less actives. Most of us here don't like holidays for two reasons the one stated above and we still have to work.  We did eat at a members house but it wasn't for Easter.  It was for a Family Home Evening.

I have not yet got the package.  I should get it in two weeks, that is when our next mail run is.

We have been super busy.  Teaching and Teaching.  I do have a family that I love to teach, the Belda family.  They are our Recent Converts.  We are reteaching the lessons over and teaching their friend Mini and her mom Melanie and Mini's cousin Russel.  They all use to be way shy and now we have a hard time keeping the lesson under control.  They are a great family.  I couldn't pick one family in the ward, I love the entire ward.  Everyone is awesome.  This is a great ward.  I would be happy to end my mission here, the problem is I have just a tad to long to stay here to the end.

Every thing is holding up fine.  I don't need socks I can get some really nice ones here for cheap.

Summer is here.  It is really hot.  Right after I get out of the shower, I sweat.  I have to have a fan on me all the time or I am just soaked with sweat.  This is the hardest part of the year.  I have to drink so much water yet I am still dehydrated.  But all is well.

Elder Hatch