Monday, April 22, 2013

Multiple Baptisms

This week was great.  Elder Carr and I worked really hard and now we got to see the fruits of our labors before he (Elder Carr) transfers.  Elder Carr has been my longest companion.  The Baptism was great.  We baptized Sister Melanie and her daughter Minerva (Mini) and their friend Russell.  We also baptized Paul, his family are members but less-active.  He also just turned nine so he is under our jurisdiction.  The coolest part of the baptism was Sister Melanie's other daughter Mary Rose came to the baptism, then she came to church.  She is interested in listening to us.  I will let you know how she progresses.  Also Russell parents, who I had never see or talk to, came to the baptism.  We are trying to set up a time that we can teach them.  Then for Paul, his family has come back to church, all except his dad.  Guess who showed up to the Baptism.... Paul's dad and he went to church as well.  Lots of miracles happened.  The baptism gave me that little boost to keep going. Working with less-actives is great, but having a less-active come back to church doesn't have the same feeling as helping an investigator get baptized.  Another great thing that happened is after the baptism Sister Melanie wanted to set up a Family Home Evening and invite some of her friends.  That is going on tonight so next week I will report on how the FHE went.

My companion Elder Carr is transferring.  I am a little nervous about who my next companion is going to be.  Elder Carr and I both think that I am going to get a new Zone Leader and that this transfer is my last as a Zone Leader.  It is getting a little harder being a Zone Leader, just because every one else is so young.  Missionary work has just become my way of life.  It is all I do and all I know.  The young elders just don't quite know enough about missionary work for me not to worry about them.  I am really trying to think of ways to help them improve their missionary work, but I have found out that I can't do whole lot.  I can teach procedures and how we do things in the mission.  But I can't give them the desire to work, I can show them my desire.  I just don't know what to to with the Zone.  So if you have any advice on how to help inspire missionaries or me, it would be really helpful.

Next week I will tell you all about my new companion.

Thanks for the report on YHEC.  It made me miss home and YHEC a little bit but I know that I can volunteer when I get home. 

Love you all
Elder Hatch