Monday, April 8, 2013

Zone Leader Council

This week was good.  We had a lot of work planned and we had Zone Leader Council.  We had 4 investigators that are preparing for baptism, their date is on April 20.  Three of the four were a referral of the Belda famliy, the ones I told you about last week, they are doing really well.  I will keep you updated on their progress.

Zone Leader Council was a lot of fun.  Elder Anderson, Elder Green, Elder Smith, Elder Robinson and Elder Hawey were all there.  I know those names don't mean much but they are all my friends.  We had a good time catching up with what has happened in each others areas.  We have a good time and laugh a lot.  It is funny because Elder Anderson, Elder Smith, Elder Carr (my companion), and Elder Hicken are all going to BYU after the mission.  They are all trying to convince Elder Green to go to BYU as well.  Thet tried to get me to go to BYU but they stopped after I explained my plan to go to Snow then USU.  It is a lot of fun to watch every one trying to convince Elder Green.  Elder Green doesn't want to because he will lose all of his credits he had at Weber State, but he wants to go to be with friends.  So Elder Green has been fighting the dilemma for the last three months and a ZLC he explained his plan which is, He is going do transfer to UVU and live with all the guys going to BYU.  Now we are all just trying to figure out how I am going to hang out with them at BYU while I am at Snow.  That was the big news of the week.

This coming week is going to be really good.  We are going on exchanges with the AP's, we have Zone Interviews, and CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited for Conference.  I can't explain how excited I am for Conference.  This is what I look forward to.

I did get the package and the money was in there.  Thank you.  I have not yet eaten the Cadbery eggs, but I will.  One thing I notice is I am getting old.  I can't just eat lots of chocolate, one or two bite size and I am good.  I find myself craving nuts, fruit, or vegetables.  Oh I ate Sushi the other day, way good.  We bought some stuff to make sushi this week I am really excited.

That is what has happened this week.

Love you,
Elder Hatch