Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Waiting for Conference

This week is transfer week.  My companion is leaving and I am staying
in the same area for another transfer.  This transfer has flown by. I
learned a lot.  I learned a lot about how to compromise.  On Monday I
will tell you who my new companion is and where he is from.  I
realized this last week that Mission life is normal.  There are still
crazy things that happen but it is normal to me now.  I really love it
here in the Philippines.  I was really called here and I am here for a
reason.  I am really glad to hear that the family is doing good.  One
of the elders in my zone is from Hooper.  He knows right where they
bought the pigs.  The weather is really weird right now. It is suppose
to be summer and really hot and miserable, but it has been raining a
lot so it has almost been cold.  That's another thing I am now used to
the temperature here.  It's weird to think that 78 is cold.  I have
gone to a fish market, I walk down to it every day.  We have bought some
fish there. They taste really good.  We stopped cooking at home,
because we found out that it is cheaper to eat out at the street
venders and they make really good food.  My favorite Filipino food is
Pork Adobo, I don't know what is in it but it tastes so good.  My
favorite place to eat is Angles Burgers.  We have about 15
investigators but only 5 are progressing and we teach about 15 less
active families.  Some of the members are some don't care because it
will be in English so for some it is still hard to understand.  We
will watch conference this weekend.  We will watch all the sessions.
I can't wait for it.  I don't think that I have been this excited for
conference ever.  With the language I am doing ok.  I still need to
improve a lot.  In lessons I can teach every lesson simple.  I am
having fun here.  There is a couple things that you can do for me.
The first is when you send my next package could you please send a
back scratcher.  Also were you able to get into my Facebook, if you
were I am going to have some members add me as a friend so if you
could accept those friend requests.  Thanks love you lots

Elder Hatch