Monday, April 9, 2012

Holy Week

This week was a little rough. It was Holy Week so It was really quiet.  A few places, people would sing the scriptures. It was kind of weird.  We didn't teach a lot of lessons because a lot of people went to the province.  We had a priesthood activity on Friday.  It was way fun.  We played basketball and the ward fed us.  Conference was way good.  We watched the Saturday sessions on Saturday.  They started at 8 until 4, and the Sunday 9 until 2.  We all went to the Stake center.  With Conference there really was no celebration of Easter.  Holy Week was big.  In my area, I didn't see any thing with Holy Week. On TV there were some crazy things.  One of the the members in my ward is really good at chess, so I played him on the priesthood activity.  I was so close to beating him, but he came back and I lost.  It was a fun time.  At conference my bishop gave me a subject for Sacrament meeting next Sunday.  Next week I will tell you how it goes.

My companion is Elder Miles.  He is a Filipino.  He is way cool.  We get along really well.  Our teaching is really good.  He speaks less English than my last companion, so I will be learning and growing a lot this transfer, with Tagalog and in coming closer to Christ.  I love my area and the ward members and I am glad to stay here.  I want is be where I am most needed.

I got your package!  It was awesome.  All the stuff is wonderful.  The book is really cool, I probably won't start reading it for a while, because right now I am reading Jesus the Christ.  It is really good.  Thanks for the pudding packs, but I meant the pudding powder packs that you make the pudding.  Tell grandma and grandpa that I am getting there letters and really pick up my week. I love you thanks for all the support.

Elder Hatch