Monday, April 23, 2012

A Good Week

I am doing really good.  I am happy and heathly.  I am now a 180lbs.  It has been a good week.  I gave my talk in sacrament meeting on Sunday.  90% of it was in Tagalog.  The ward was impressed with my Tagalog, but I still am not an expert.  The talk went ok. I will prepare better next time.  I did speak for 10 minutes.  A big problem was the mic wasn't close to my mouth, so it was a little hard for the members to hear.  Probably the same thing that happen at my farewell.  I had a baptism on Saturday.  It could have gone a lot better.  It was my first baptism that I was in charge of and I didn't really know what I needed to do or what.  Thank goodness for the members. They came to the rescue.  I will always plan and double check the baptism so it always goes well.  I just got done teaching a lot of 8 year old girls.  Their families are all active they just wanted us to teach them.  We are having a big baptism on May 5, 5 will be baptized.  Those are the Highlights of the week.
YHEC sounds like it was a good time.  I miss it and it would have been fun to be there but Trevor will still have 3 years left when I get back.  Then I can coach him and then he can take first overall.  In the pictures did, Ty have a beard?  It was good to see everybody.  Right now, for Trevor, Shooting is the most important not until Seniors does the Tests really matter.
My shoes are good. I didn't take care of the insoles of my Johnson and Murphy's, so the insole are a little rough but still my most comfortable shoes.  One thing that would have been nice to know is that here, in the Philippines, they make rubber shoes that look like dress shoes.  So I wear rubber shoes while out at work and my nice shoes to the temple or to meeting with President.  All my shirts are good. I have 4 that are fitted and 3 that I need to get fitted, probably next support.  Garments are good, but if I need any I will just buy them at the temple they are only like 30 pesos which is less than a dollar.  I have plenty of money. Support comes every two weeks so I stay pretty good with that.  I am now in the groove of budgeting my money for the two weeks.  Thanks for the book it is really good. One thing you could send is eye solution. It is really expensive here, whenever you send a package, one or two bottles would be wonderful.  Oh and the Legos were way fun. It is really big.  One other thing is the pudding powder packets; the one where you have to make the pudding.  I think that is it.  Thanks.
Some of the members might be sending me friend requests so if you could check my facebook and accept them for me.
Love you all
Elder Hatch