Monday, August 5, 2013

Crazy Week

This week was crazy.  We had Zone conference on Monday, then temple pday on Wednesday, and a branch activity on Saturday, and then a funeral on Sunday.  We hardly got in any time to teach.  The crazy thing was we had 10 investigators at church.  We have this one family, they are awesome, we have been teaching them since I got to this area.  Their baptism will be the week before transfers, which I am pretty sure that I am going to stay in this area.  But it is nice to know that I will be here for the baptism. 
I was thinking the other day, kind of reflecting on my mission (which I do a lot), about all the be people I have taught and baptized and how the quality of my baptisms have gotten better throughout my mission.  Granted now I can speak Tagalog and I know how to teach, but I was thinking the main thing is that I have become more and more converted to the Gospel.  It is really weird being on the tail end of my mission.  Just thinking of all that I have done, if it was enough or if there was more I could have done.  I am convinced that the mission is an exact pattern of the Plan of Salvation.  My life as missionary is almost over and yet it will only just begin.  Also how ever I lived here on the mission will affect everything after.  That is really the thing that is keeping me going, I need to endure to the end, if I want to be able to return with honor.  I am not going to lie I am very trunky.  I have been doing the same thing over and over for such a long time that it is just wearing me down.  It is kind of part of the reason of the short email last week.  The same thing happens every week.  The good thing is our focus is changing slightly, just enough to keep me on my toes.  The other hard part is to help my companion become a Senior companion, to actually lead and make decisions.  It is hard to let him go and make mistakes, especially when I know if I would just do it, it would get done quicker and faster and better.  That is going to be my goal this transfer is to help him be better.
I do need you to set up a eye doctors and a dentist appointment close to when I get home.  Thanks.
Love you,
Elder Hatch