Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fast Sunday

That is way cool that the Church is printing new scriptures.  I can't wait to buy a new set when I get home.  I have decided that when I get home I am going to get the big ones, like Dad's.  It will be really cool to see how they look.

That is too bad that the Garbanati's are moving.  I won't be able to see them.  Oh well, wish them luck for me.

The past few weeks I have been studying the Light of Christ.  It is amazing how something so simple as the Light of Christ or faith or repentance, can take weeks and weeks to study.  Yet I still don't fully understand it.  Some really good scriptures on the Light of Christ is D&C 88:6-13 also Moroni 7:16-18

We are just going in to summer.  Summer here is March to April.  It is way hot here.  It is going to start to hit about 90 degrees, with 90% humidity, basically death.  It is really hard to stay hydrated just because I will never stop sweating.  But a funny thing about summer is I will get a tan line where my collar is.

The story of the week happened yesterday.  To start off we had a rough week this week because we had a bunch of meetings and it really threw off our schedule.  We were really worried that no one was going to come to church.  We show up to the church at 8:20 am, two families were there (Recent Converts).  We just waited and shook members hands until 9:00 am.  Then we went into the chapel and there were only 20 members there.  We were a little disappointed.  We couldn't start because none of the Bishopric was there either.  Then at about 9:10, everybody start coming in.  By the time the sacrament started the whole chapel was full and they had to bring in extra chairs for people to sit.  Also they had to bless the sacrament twice.  There was about 280 people at church yesterday.  The cool part was we had 9 investigators and 14 less-actives at church.   Then because it is Fast Sunday, everyone got up and bore their testimony.  Sacrament meeting went for an hour and a half.  It was a great Sunday.

Thanks for all the new about the stuff that is going on back at home.

Love you,.
Elder Hatch