Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Teaching A Lot of People

Ok sorry again but another short email, but this will be the last because the Missionary Department just changed their emailing rules.  We can now email, Family (immediate and extended), Friends, and Priesthood leaders.  So I am now allowed longer time to email.  Also could you send me Sue's, Alison's, and Grandma and Grandpa Hepworth's email.

How is every thing going with Snow?  Were you able to move my scholarship to winter semester? Also when you sign me up for classes, please only sign me up for the minimum number of credits.  For the classes I am pretty sure you will just have to go to USU and ask them what I need to take.  

I had a pretty normal week.  Taught a lot of people, a lot of people.  It is really hard to remember all that I have done in a week.  We get out to work at about 12:30 and our 1st appointment is at 1:00.  We teach a lesson every hour until 9:00.  We go home plan, eat, sleep, and  do it all over again.  For pday we went to the temple, great day.  I don't really have a favorite place here in the Philippines.  I have loved all of my areas, and really all I try and do on pday is to get together with friends wherever we can.

Love you,
Elder Hatch