Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Great Week

Sorry for the late reply we had temple day this week.  I forgot to tell you because it switched on us last minute.  But, I had a really good week.  We had had some perfect days, which means that all the lessons we planned, we taught.  Just a really great week.  My companion and I are just going full blast, working very hard.  It is a lot of fun. 

When missionaries get sick it depends on the missionary and the sickness.  Almost all of us work when we are sick, unless we have diarrhea or are vomiting.  It is not too often that missionaries are down for too long.  I have only had one companion who got sick enough that we couldn't work, and that was my companion that I have now, Elder Carr.  He was really sick and had to go to the hospital.  But as long as we watch what we eat the Lord will watch over us.

Transfers are on March 13, but I don't think that my companion or I are transferring.  I also put in a word with the AP to have Elder Carr and I together for anther two transfers.  He told me no promises...hahaha.

Philippines Cavite mission is coming from the Manilla Mission (close to me)
Philippines Cebu East Cebu mission is coming from the Cebu Mission (far from me)
Philippines Legaspi Mission is coming from the Naga Mission (far from me)
Philippines Urdaneta Mission is coming from the Baguio Mission (kind of close to me)
That puts 21 Missions in the Philippines.

No the cash has not arrived yet.  Did you send the cash in a package or to the card?  If it is in a package I won't know until next week, because I only get mail every two weeks.  A package usually takes about 5 weeks to get here, but I won't get it for 6.

Last week when I sent the pictures of the baptism, we completed their family (Belda).   The one with the three kids.  Well, this week they told us that they had a referral for us.  We were like sweet, hoping that it was going to be at least an ok referral.  We show up and it was Love's birthday (our recent convert), so we bought some deep fried bananas coated in brown sugar, called Banana-Q for a celebration snack.  I love Banana-Q.  We taught the referral and she is not just ok she is awesome.  We asked her why she wanted to listen to our message.  She said that the Belda family gave her a pamphlet to read and she said that when she read, the reading was delicious.  She was so excited that we made sure that she understood before we moved on, and now she has a baptismal date for April 20.  That is my exciting and interesting person this week. 
Love you all,Elder Hatch