Monday, February 4, 2013

Temple Tour

This week was really good, we have a lot of investigators that are really close to baptism.  My companion, Elder Carr, has done a great job of teaching them and preparing them.  We took our investigators to the temple on Saturday (Feb 1).  Every few weeks our mission has a tour of the temple and every one is invited.  There are stations that other missionaries are at and they explain why we have temple, what we do inside, and how to prepare to enter the temple.  It is a lot of fun and our investigators loved it.  It really helps them understand that baptism is not the end and that we want them to get to the temple.  That was the big thing this week. I am really enjoying this transfer and my companion.  Our baptism is going to be on the 16th so a little ways away, but still close.  We do a lot of walking but not nearly as much as I did in my last area.  I enjoy walk though.  It gives me a chance to talk with people, to look around, and to just enjoy the scenery.

That is one thing I am supper excited for when I come home is being able to go to the temple once or twice a week instead of once every six weeks.

About the shooting, the best would be a video of Trevor shooting to where you can see him set up and shoot and break a bird.  It doesn't have to be long.  But if the video is too big to send in an email, pictures will have to do so take a lot of them.

My shoes are good.  I am still far away from anywhere that I can buy shoes.  I have not yet received the package, but I do get mail tomorrow.

Question, can I withdraw money from an ATM with the credit card?

Love you all a lot,
Elder Hatch