Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Companion

I have a new companion.  Elder Naraja.  He is Filipino.  He hasn't been in the area before or to this zone.  He has been out for 10 months.  He is my senior, which means that he still leads the lessons, but I lead the area.  It is hard leading the area.  I know where everyone lives and where they are at, but I have to decide who we see and when and if we get punted, I have to think on my feet.  I have to speak a lot of Tagalog now.  It is getting easier but it is still hard.  I am always tired.  I think we will try to get to the Computer shop around 8, so around 5 there.  I am going to be really good at Tagalog by the end of this transfer.  There is a really good possibility that I could train next transfer.  Which is a scary thought.
I take a 20 to 30 minute nap right before language study, that's it.  I sleep really well at night.  He speaks a little English, but with a bad accent so it is easier to understand him when he speaks Tagalog.  I got your package.  Thanks so much for the peanut butter and that game looks fun. I haven't played it yet.  The paper of all the names is my favorite.  It's all good. We will get in to a groove soon.  One thing I thought of was on Mother's day, it will be sunday and monday here so we might be able to skype at grandma's house with every one there if you want.