Wednesday, February 1, 2012

News of the Week

That is good that Trevor is looking at all my old stuff.  At least it is going to good use.  I'm starting to miss YHEC.  It was so much fun being with every one and just relaxing and shooting.  Did you find my release?  How is all the guns working?  Are you keeping them clean?  It cool that Daniel and Carson are getting into it.  It will be good for them.  Speaking of the Rhodes, how is James doing?

Still no snow, well I guess I left a good year so I don't miss much.  Is it still cold or what?  Because the pictures of the pigs its all muddy but it still looks cold.  So Trevor didn't do wrestling I'm guessing.  

Its good that the car is not dead yet.  Whitnee will probably drive it into the ground.  She will be fine not driving friends for 6 months I was.  Did you guys talk to Joy Bassett about Whitnee for a job?

That is good to hear that Justin Hobbs is doing good.  Last time you told me about him was they were thinking about amputating his leg but you never told me.  It would have been really cool to hear him talk.

Is there only one ward in your area? Yes there is only one ward in our area, but we have a huge area.  It is probably the size of our whole state.
Do you go to Sunday School?  Depends.  Sometimes we have investigators come so we have an investigator class.  Sometimes we go to Single Adult when we get invited or sometimes we just sit in Gospel Principals.
Are you participating in discussions during Sunday School and Priesthood?  Not too much we have a really good ward so they take care of most of the lessons.  Mostly I work on trying to understand what they are saying.
Have you had to give a talk yet?  No and I probably won't in this ward, the ward is really strong.
Do you speak Tagalog every day?  Yes every day, every lesson.  I'm starting to lead the lessons so I do a lot of talking.
What is the funnest thing that you and your companion have done?  Walked through a flood that was up to our knees.  We walked around in the rain for a good 6 hours just going to appointments but we were punted from every appointment.
Do you need money?  No I'm good I'll let you know if I do.
How often to you see/talk to your mission president?  I've seen him a lot with Christmas and the new training program, but after this it will probably be every two transfers that I'll talk to him.  I'll see him every three weeks at the Temple tour.
How have things changed with your companion being the District Leader?  Yes!!!  He has to go on exchanges with every elder in our district and our district is huge only three companionship's are not in our district.
Are you using your iPod and listening to music?  Yes about every night just before I go to bed.
Are you writing to a lot of people or just to us? (like Marshall?? Shayla??)  Yes so far all of you guys and all my friends.

I got the Christmas package from you and from Ryan, last Tuesday.  It was a great pick me up.

Elder Hatch