Sunday, February 12, 2012


This week has been a crazy week.  First, I had two exchanges this week so I led the area pretty much the whole week, because Elder Ata was always gone.  Those two days of exchanges were way fun, because I was with a Filipino who just barley got here last transfer and an elder from Utah who is just a transfer a head of me.  None of us knew what to do so we just went with it.  On Friday, one of our investigators had his baptism interview and passed.  He is getting baptized on this coming Saturday.  I will be the one to baptism him.  With Elder Ata as district leader we had to go interview a lot of people from the other elders.  I spent a lot of time just talking with people.  It was fun.  The craziest thing that happened this week was I ate blood soup with chicken intestines.  It actually did not taste too bad. Would I eat it again? Probably not. But if it was put in front of me at a dinner appointment, I would eat it. 

(Answers to our questions)We are not suppose to drink the water. We have water filters in the house and most of the members have purified water in jugs.  Never out of the tap unless we use the water bottle they gave us in the MTC which has a filter in it.  At the house, we don't have ice mainly because we have a fridge so that keeps it cold.  The crazy  thing is how fast ice melts here. A huge bottle of ice will melt in 20 minutes.  My shoes are broken in I'm trying to keep them nice.  The thing that would have been nice to know before I came was that they sell rubber shoes here.  They look like dress shoes but are made of just rubber.  I wear those most of the time, until my feet start to hurt then I go back to the Johnson and Murphy's. There is a lady in our mission that makes some really cool looking pants but I won't get any made for a while.  I did get some of my shirts fitted and a pair of pants.  I will get the rest of my shirts fitted.  We haven't made any more Mango shakes. We don't have the patience. We buy the mangoes but then we just eat them.  They are really good over here.  Yes, we still sleep on the floor. I don't know if I will ever sleep on a bed, because all the beds are Filipino size not American size.  Rainy season is just about over summer is about to hit.  Summer lasts from end of February to the beginning of May.  Then it is Baguio season, that is when all the storms hit and that lasts until December then it just rains on and off until summer.  Elder Anderson is in my zone.  We always hang out on pday.  We have a lot of fun.  It is really nice having him in the zone so I always have some one to talk to.
It sounds like you guys are getting along fine.  I'm having fun and doing well.  Keep reading the scriptures. Oh and transfers are coming up so I will probably be getting a new companion.

Elder Hatch