Friday, October 28, 2011

Answers to Mom's Questions

I saw Marshall the day he came in at dinner.  I talked to him all of dinner.  I tried to tell him all the in's and out's of the MTC but he is only here for 3 weeks and I have no idea what the English missionaries do.  My favorite thing to say is maluwalhati which means glorious and pananampalataya which means faith and hwag which means stop or don't.  The hardest part of Tagalog is every verb we have to change for the focous we want and there are like 10 to 15 different ways to change to verb.  Shaw's picture was awesome and so funny.  I have six hours of class time of that six hours my teacher speaks English maybe an hour to and hour and a half.  Then I have an hour of language study and an hour of TALL time, TALL is BYU's language study tool on the computer.  My companions and I are supposed  to speak our mission language as much as possible, we need to work on that.  We are never in the call center.  I only get to greet new missionaries if they come into our zone or if we get picked to host, but thats about it.  The only thing I need is contact solution.  We can hang picture on our wall, one of the older districts that left two weeks ago gave us a lot of pictures to hang.  It makes the room feel more like home and less like a prison cell.  I will have three people in my room starting tomorrow because one of the elder heads to Manila.  The rest of the MTC has six people in a room which is crazy, but I won't have to worry about that because my residence is the oldest residence in the MTC so they won't cram us any more than they need to.  When my companion went home they didn't tell me anything, he just said that he had to go home.  The best part of the MTC is the Tuesday and Sunday devotionals, they are awesome.  Last Tuesday a seventy came and the time before that Richard G. Scott came.  My teachers have told me that it is hot all the time, so I'll sent some stuff home when it gets closer only 3 more weeks and I get my travel plans for my flight to the Philippenes.  Tell Dad that I don't know Joel's address but he can send him a dear elder he just needs his mission and they will send it to him.  Oh so every Thursday my companion and I teach people from BYU most of them are RM's but it is still way fun.  This week there wasn't enough vollenteers so I had to teach in English and I was weird, it was a good expericance but not teaching in Tagalog was weird.  That's my experence for the week.

Cody's friends posted this picture on Facebook with this caption:  Cody and Tory couldn't be at Marshal's farewell, but they were their in spirit. I guess the camera can capture spirits.
Love Elder Hatch