Friday, October 7, 2011

Changes and Challenges

Sorry I haven't wrote back. It has been a crazy week.  The letters are awesome thank you.  Letters are like gold in the MTC.  Just keep sending the letters and I'll reply at least once a week back through email and if I get time I'll hand write one back.  Wednesday my companion went home so I had to get a new companion and switch districts.  Which sucks because I had really gotten used to my first district.  They were a good time.  The other hard part about switching districts is switching teachers.  Conference was awesome in the MTC but because we had been working so hard all of us at some point fell asleep during conference.  Traci sent me some donuts and it was awesome. All the guys in my old district were so mad. It was funny.  Could you send me all of the Tucketts addresses so I can write them back and thank them.  The laguage is coming slowly but surely.  I'm picking up more words every day when the teacher is talking.  Tell Whitnee that Love is Magmahal and Chocolate is Tsokolate. 
Oh, the third day I was here I had to teach an investigator in Tagalog, and we have to teach an investigator everyday in Tagalog.  It is way hard but it is a lot of fun when I actually get my point across.  Thank you for the sweats and hoodie they saved me because it is cold down here.  I'm glad I'm going to the Philippines where it is hot.  I just got back from the Temple. It was so relaxing to go.  I will probably always email from 10:30 to 11:30.  My zone leaders are the funniest guys ever.  They know Tagalog really well but after class they just unwind and some of the things they do are hillarious.  Which brings back to switching districts is my zone leaders have one sense of humor and my old district had the same sense of humor so we all got along but my new district had a completely different sense of humor and it hard to unwind with these guys.  But I talked with President Taylor, he is my branch president, and he said that it is good practice for tansfers in the field so I'll learn from it and try and make the best of it.  I only had 30 minutes to write this and I don't have all the letters that you have sent so sorry I can't anwser more of your questions I'll do better next time.  But please keep sending the letters because like I said in the MTC letters are gold.
Elder Hatch