Friday, November 4, 2011

Questions & Answers

--What is something fun that you have done this week?  This week I went outside on the field to play soccer that was fun. I'm the only one that plays defense.  Another fun thing was I was King of four square in the last five minutes in gym.  It was the best.

--What is something that made you laugh this week?  My teachers are really funny there is Brother Itri who just makes fun of Elder Anderson and there is Brother Ah mu and he has the best facial expressions.  Then there is Brother Lopez, he is just a goofy guy.

--Have you had more opportunities to talk to Marshall?  I only see marshall on sunday after choir because our schuedle are so different.  I look for him but there isn't much that over laps]

--Who was the devotional speaker this week?  The devotional speaker was Elder W. Craig Zwick.  It was a way good talk about prayer.  I have almost figured out how to tell if an apostle is coming to speak or a seventy or just someone from the MTC.  Oh and on Tuesday when President Monson was at BYU we heared about it because all the teachers were talking about and went to it.

--What is your favorite hymn to sing at the MTC?  We sing all the hymns in Tagalog and my favorite ones to sing is I Need Thee Every Hour and Come Follow Me.

--What is something that you feel like you have learned how to say in Tagalog?  I have learned a lot of grammer and I can put simple sentences together. The biggest thing this week was that I am starting to see how Tagalog works in my head.

--Do you feel like you can say a prayer in Tagalog?  I can pray in Tagalog every prayer is in Tagalog.  I had to say the prayer in scarament meeting the second Sunday I was here.  It isn't that hard.

--Are you learning to give blessings in Tagalog?  No I haven't learned to give a blessing in Tagalog but in our district we have been asked to give a few blessings.

--What is your favorite thing to eat at the MTC? (I asked this last week, but I don't think you told us)  The best food is the beef enchladia it tastes like real food.

--What is your least favorite thing to eat?  I don't like the chicken sandwitches here they are not good.
--Have you had to get a hair cut at the MTC?  I got my hair cut last week but they aren't as good as King Hair.

--Is the "Preach my gospel" book in Tagalog?  They gave me a Preach My Gospel in Tagalog it is super helpful in writing talks.  Yeah I have to give talks in Tagalog.

--Did they give you scriptures in Tagalog?  They gave me a Triple in Tagalog it is really cool and its all we use for teaching.

--What is the most fascinating thing that you've learned in your cultural classes?  We don't have cultural classes.  We just ask our teachers before class.  One of the thing I learned is that Filipinos think that all Americans eat is bread and thats why we are so big.

--Are you considered an "old district" now?  Not yet, almost the old district leaves Tuesday and then we become the old district.  We also get about 24 new guys in our zone.

--Do you have District leaders and Zone leaders in the MTC?  Yes we have zone leader and they are way funny.  Elder Able is from New Zealand and Elder Baughan from Ariznoa I think.  We will get new zone leaders this Sunday.  We got a new district leader last Sunday and he will stay the same til we leave.

--Are all the people in your district going to the same mission in the Philippines? No, there are three of us going to Quezon and the rest are going to Alogapo.

--Do you have enough warm clothes? Yes

--Have they said anything to you about your VISA?  Nothing

--Did they give you back your passport yet? Nope
Any kind of pictures will work.  I haven't taken that many pictures but I'll try to do better.  I'm good without peanut butter for now but whatever.  Send at least two bottles fo eye solution.  Don't worry about me I'm fine a little stressed at time but fine.  Tell dad good luck with his calling and I know that he will do well in it.  Tell Shayla to write me a dearelder so I know how she is doing with everything.
Elder Hatch