Friday, October 14, 2011


Ok so right after I sent the email that I got transfered,  that night I was transfered back to my old district.  I now have two companions Elder Anderson, from Salt Lake, and Elder Robinson, from Kemmerer, Wyoming.  We are all getting along and we have some good times.  Elder Andus, he is in one of the older districts that is leaving Monday, has a lot of pass downs that my companions and I will probably get.  He has a big wooden latter that we will get, tons of pillows I think he has seven and we're getting those.  Just a whole bunch of stuff like that.  The older districts are really funny, our zone leaders, Elder Jewks from Kaysville and Elder Frebrizo from Sandy are hillarious.  They have this old man walk where they will out of nowhere just hunch over and walk.  It is way funny.  Then in another one of the older districts Elder Volcosburg he is a good guy, some where along the way of them all being here someone started to bow to him and he hates it so now when ever we see him we all just drop and bow.  It is one of the funniest sights ever. 
Every day we have gym except for p-days and Sundays and gym is what keeps us all sane.  In the gym there is basketball, volleyball, and four square, I play four square and I am one of the better players.  I gained a lot of friends from the older district from playing four square.  Some of the ways they are having us learn Tagalog is to teach our teacher as some of their investigators they had on their mission which is hard but not too bad.  The hardest one but the most fun is BYU students come over and we teach them in Tagalog.  It is crazy because I only know a few pharases and this last time they too many people so they broke up my tripanionship and I had to teah alone.  Which was good and bad.  The first lesson I just sat there for like 5 minutes trying to think of something to say, but the next lesson I did really well.  I hope I answered most of the questions you had again I don't have all your letters, but later today I'll have time and I might write a letter. Right now I don't think that I can send pictures through email, but I can print them off at the bookstore so I'll send them that way and if you could send me some pictures that would be nice.  I also am going to need more landry soap but I'll look and see if they have some in the bookstore and I'll tell you next week if I need it.