Monday, September 9, 2013

I speak English

Alright about my room, really I don't care where it is.  Except my first few nights I want to sleep in Whitnee's old room with the dark brown curtains so I can sleep as long as my body needs without being woken up by the sun.  That is all I really want.  I just want to sleep.

That sounds just fine to me talking on the 20th.  About my homecoming talk, are they going to give me a topic or do I need to start thinking of one?  Either way I am fine.  I am very sad that I am going to miss Conference, but that is what the internet is for.  It is going to be weird to have to Fast Sundays right in a row.  If you are thinking of camping, how far is Monte Cristo?  I have never been there and I don't think that most of the youth have either.  I think the best Youth Conference is doing something that is spiritual but that they have never done before.  Other than that I know you will do a great job.

How many days was Whitnee down for her wisdom teeth?  I think I was only down for a few days.  I am getting very excited to come home as well.  I love the mission and I love teaching people the gospel, but there are some things that I am just tired of and like I said earlier is I am just tired.  I am sure we are going to have a blast hunting and working on the farm.  Also at the first, Trevor will be the "big" boss on the farm until I get used to all the equipment again.  We have a lot of planning to do when I get home, it is a very good thing that I have 3 months before I am suppose to be at Snow.

As of right now we have a baptism every week until I come home, except for Stake Conference.  It is going we don't really have a Ward Mission Leader which makes it very hard to coordinate.  I have just been praying that all will go well.  We are still teaching all the recent converts and we are still walking around the streets.  The name of the city I am in is San Jose del Monte, but it is a huge city and I don't know if you will be able to see my area or find it.  I speak English all the time.  The only time that I speak Tagalog is in lessons and at church.  Other than that it is English.  My companion really wants to learn English so we speak English a lot.  I actually think that my English has gotten better as I have been on the mission.  The problem is, is there are a few words and phrases that are easier to say in Tagalog and I have lived with people, who for the last two years understand English and Tagalog.  So when I get home for probably the first week I will mess up a lot with Tagalog words.

I am game going to the Cabin.  Then everyone will already be up for the Homecoming, we can just knock out two birds with one stone.  Then the next week Marshall we get home, then I will have a fresh RM to hang out with.

Not much happened this week, but a lot should be happening in the coming weeks.  At the same time I am going to apologize right now that my emails might get shorter and shorter just because I will be talking to you in a few weeks.

Elder Hatch