Monday, June 17, 2013

My New Area

The area is good.  It is a little harder than my last area, but that is just because I had my last area really established.   This one is not very established   That is the main thing we are working on.  Also in my last area we had so many people to teach.  Here not so many.  We are doing a lot of finding.  It is hard but fun.  I am in a branch, but the district just applied too become a stake.  I might be here for that in September.  We have two other missionaries in our branch.  My companion is really young and it is his first area.  I am his follow up trainer (his 2nd companion)  He has been out three transfers and I have three left.  We usually teach about 3 to 4 lessons a day.  In my last area we would usually teach about 6 to 8.  Other than that is just about the same, missionary work.

We did have father's day yesterday.  I don't know if the whole world does or not.  I think they have it here because the US was here for so long that they just adopted some of our holidays.

I get mail every two weeks, so that is how long it takes for a dearelder to get here.  I also did not get any pictures from Oregon.  Also you did not tell me that Grandma and Grandpa are putting in their papers to go on a mission.  Do you think that they will still be there by the time I get back?

Sorry for the short email this week, things were a little calmer this week.

Elder Hatch