Monday, January 14, 2013

Story Time

We had a pretty good week this week.  So story time.
We had a few members tell us that we should go and teach their cousin.  They gave me the directions to get to their house, now of course I did not write them down.  They told me to ask for Shira Senoy.  I went to the spot where the directions started... I forgot them.  But here in the Philippines, somehow people know people.  Especially the little stores, they know everyone within a block.  So Shira was suppose to really close to the spot that I was at.  I ask an old lady in the store if she knew Shira Senoy.  She said no go ask the store down the road a ways.  We did.  They didn't know Shira, so we continued on our way asking if they knew Shira Senoy.  Finally, one guy says that we need to walk a little ways farther and there will be a huge house and a little ally.  He said that a Shira lived down there.  So we went.  Found the huge house and the little ally, we walked down and a girl called out "Elders", Now when some says "Elders" I know they know who we are, we asked them if they knew Shira Senoy.  They say yeah it is just down the road.  They take us to the house and ask if Shira is there and she is.  Shira come out and it is not the Shira I know.  I said, thats not our Shira.  Turns out that there are three Shiras in the area.  We saw an opportunity to teach and we did.  They are a very good family and very interested.  We are very excited to teach them.  I will keep you guys updated on them for the next week because transfers are next week and it is very likely that I will transfer.  There is my story for the week.

Answers to questions:
Did you get to teach any lessons this week?
Yes, we taught 10 lessons this week.  That is an okay week for Bustos.
Did you get a new camera?
Yes, it is a Cannon.  It is really nice.  I think that it was about $110 and I got a discount.  I am taking a lot of pictures.
What did you have to sew on your pants? Did you use the sewing kit we sent you?
Because our clothes get washed by hand, they take a beating.  I had to sew the cuff on pants.  I don't really  have any idea what I did but it is still holding.  Yes, I used the sewing kit, first time.
Have you used any of the medicine or vitamins and stuff like that that we had to get you?
I have used all of it at least once, some stuff more than others, but I have used all of it.
What do you think a new missionary really needs to pack?
Thin Socks (sports socks), desk toys, you can never have too many basketball shorts and church pants, and I'll keep thinking about it.
What do you plan to do today for P-day?
We bought food this morning, a lot from the wet market and a few things from SM.  We can up to San Ildefonso, because we needed to pick up some shirts we fitted.  After that we are just going to sit around and talk about the week.  That is our plan.

Love you all,
Elder Hatch