Monday, January 7, 2013

Rice, Rice, Rice

Ok sorry this is going to be a little short.
Answers to Questions:
What is your normal Sunday dinner?
My Sunday dinner is Chicken Adobo and rice.  The only Filipino food I know how to cook.
Do you still have a rice cooker at your apartment?
Yes, I would die if I didn't.
Do you eat rice every day? 
Yes, most of the time twice a day.
Do you have more than one ward where you meet?
No, and we are a branch.
Do you have to worry about church times?
In some area there are two wards in a building, but everywhere I have served there has only been one ward in a building.
What time do you have your church meetings?
9 am or if there is another ward 1 pm.
Did you get letters from anyone? 
No, I got some emails from all the guys, but that is about it.
Did you like the stuff from the ward in you package?
I loved it, it was a really nice surprise.

Real quick, today I am going to buy a camera if I can find a good one.  I will probably spend about $150.  Also I am going to buy some insole for my shoes with the card.   I will probably spend $20.  I also had to sew my pants.  It took forever but I fixed them myself.  Last thing, and again sorry for the short email, but could you tell me how to plant potatoes and what I would need to do to help them grow and how long it would take before I could harvest them.  Our neighbor would like to grow potatoes, but I don't remember exactly how to do it.  Thanks again for all of your support and prayers.

Elder Hatch