Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Ok so sorry about the email something happened and I think it was sent late.  But the plans for Mother's Day are I will call right around 8 am Monday here and 6 pm Sunday there.  Have Skype open by 6.  Can't wait to talk to you guys.   Had a fun week.  I don't know what you got in my last email so I will just recap.  Last Saturday (May 5) I had a baptism. It was a really big responsibility.  7 kids were baptized.  I have the pictures and I am taking pictures.  It was way confusing who was baptizing who and a lot of them were Child of Record.  There was a lot of running around making sure people were where they were supposed to be.  It was a great baptism.  The ward is doing great. The work is picking up again, a lot of investigators, trying to get them to church.  I like that my area doesn't flood.  Our zone is the only place in the mission that floods, but my area doesn't too bad.  Oh and guess what? I am Training.  I don't really know what to think about it.  I am exicted and nervous at the same time.   Its good to hear about home, and about Joel and those guys.  Sorry about writing late. We had temple pday so it was moved to Wednesday.  I will talk to you on Sunday.   Love Elder Hatch