Monday, May 21, 2012

First Transfer

Alright I got transferred. I am in an area that the last two elders were pulled out, and I have a brand new missionary.  His name is Elder Bahian.  He is Filipino, but from the southern part of the Philippines, the part were no foreigner are allowed.  It has been a learning experience these past few days.  I have no idea where anything is or who anybody is or where the live.  However the ward is really good. There are a lot of ward missionaries that are willing to work and know where the members and less actives live.  That has been a huge blessing.  I had a baptism the first Saturday we were here.  That was a good way to start the area.  I am in the province, which means farms and open areas and clean air and green.  This is what I thought the Philippines would look like.  I will definitely take pictures of this area. It is beautiful.  I have a new apartment. It is a little bit smaller, but I have a real shower.  The water is still cold but I don't use the ladle for my shower.  The down side to this area is the sister that washes my clothes is not endowed, so I have to hand wash my garments.  That is a new experience.  I will never complain about having to do Laundry again where all you have to do is put it in the washing machine and fold it.  Life is a little rough right now just because I don't know where anything is outside of my apartment or inside.  After a few weeks it will all be good.  The most stressful part is not knowing where things are.

That is way cool that MC took state, of course it is the year after we all left.

Thanks for all the support I love you guys.  Keep going to church and reading the scriptures.

Elder Hatch