Monday, March 19, 2012


Sorry I don't have a lot of time so this email will be about the questions.  We went bowling as a zone today so no time.

The sacrament prayers depends on who ever is blessing likes English or Tagalog better.  Most of the time it is in Tagalog.  We always sing in English.  The only time we sing in Tagalog is when we meet with president and we sing Called to Serve and it is only the second verse.  Found a few, but we are trying to set up a teaching schedule so the families know when we will be there, so we don't get punted as much.  Punted is a missionary term meaning: the appointment is not there or they say next time.  With lessons it all depends.  Sometimes I lead some times he leads.  I am starting to lead more and more.  The food was a Sunday dinner we made.  Fish.  The red things are Salami.  Yes we still sleep on the floor but we might move the bunk beds down stairs.  While I am in the city I can buy eye solution and razors but if I get transferred I will need you to send me some.  The bag is working great.  I really like it for working.  We will probably watch conference the week after you guys.  Sorry for the short email it will be longer next week.

Love Elder Hatch