Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My First Place

Sorry I didn't write on Monday. I didn't know, but I get to go to the Temple once a transfer, so we went this week, so my p-day was moved.  Every other time though, my p-day will be on Monday and I'll do a better job of letting you guys know.  Email will be the best way to talk to me.  Every p-day we go to a computer shop.  It is just me and my companion in the apartment but most have four in an apartment.  Christmas is huge here.  It is a lot of fun.  The only places that have Aircon is the church and the mission home and the temple.  Everywhere else we use fans.  Right now it is the winter and it just feels like the summers back home.  My bed is a foam mat and we sleep on the floor.  It is awesome.  The people are wonderful and funny as heck.  The ward is way cool they feed us a lot.  The focus of my mission just got changed instead of trying to get a ton of baptisms we are to try and reactivate the less active members.  The area general authority said that baptism would be nice but they won't be disappointed if we don't get any.  One of the nice things of this new focus is we are always busy.  The time is going to fly.  I started to eat rice every day but my companion is Tongan so he is going to start to make Tongan foods.  But if we eat anywhere else we eat rice.  Every family is interesting. It's hard to pick just one because they are all different.  We mainly walk everywhere unless we are late to an appointment.  The modes of transportation are Buses expensive, Jeepney Cheap but has a route, and trike but they are too small for me and my companion.  Surprisingly, I understand a lot of what is said around me but there are times that I don't have a clue what is going on.  Church is in Taglish, so a little of both.  Here are some pictures.  Don't worry I'm ok.

Love Elder Hatch