Monday, December 5, 2011


Here in the Philippines and it is hot and muggy, but it is awesome here.  My trainer is from California and has been out for 9 months.  His name is Elder Ata. He is way funny.  It has rained every day since I have been here.  But it is just like the rain in the states because it is winter and the end of the storm season.  I am having fun. The days are long and we are busy so I have not had an opportunity to take pictures yet. Don't worry, I will and I will figure out how to send pictures through email.  If you every send me a package make sure that you send it USPS and put pictures of Christ all over it so it doesn't get stolen.  The ward is awesome here.  Some of the people remind me so much of our ward.  Right now, I am in the city Caloocan, and most of the areas are in the city; very few are in the rual.  Our focus has been moved from baptizing to reactivating less active members.  Baptize if we can, but the focus is on less active.  We do have a few way cool investigators.  I'm doing good, tired but good.  Hope you are doing good. Keep having fun.  


Elder Hatch
Sent at 1:50 am our time (He is 15 hours ahead)