Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Phone Call

Here is some information from Cody from our phone call on Christmas.  Next time, we are going to Skype!! It will be so fun.

Cockroaches are everywhere. "We just flip them on their backs and after a couple of days they die."
"Yep, that is my toilet! I use my flip flop for a toilet seat."
"I have gotten used to the ladle, but I don't like to use my left hand for anything."
Trevor asked if his shower was like on "The Best Two Years"...."Nope, the ladle is my shower"
"We have bunkbeds upstairs, but it is too hot up there, so we just put our mattresses on the floor downstairs."
"We got new mattresses and a new fan!"
"It's kind of cold in the morning."  Mom asked if he wears he suit jacket in the mornings. "No, the mission president took them from us when we first got here and said you won't need it the whole time so it is at the mission office."
The money they use is "peso"
They haven't had to do much cooking yet. They get fed by members a lot. A lot of rice, but he has had chicken, and spaghetti. He says everything is a little sweeter tasting. The spaghetti sauce had a sweet taste.
"I had the 'egg-thing' at the ward Christmas party. It was ok. It tasted like a cooked egg yolk. The bad part was that you have to drink the 'juice' first and it is hard to get through it."
"We walk just about everywhere. My companion is too big to fit into the jeep-things"