Monday, May 27, 2013

Short email=No Worries

I had a good week.  Again not much different has happened since the last week, hence another good week.  Transfers are next week... I am pretty sure that I am transferring and am going to be released as a Zone Leader, but I won't know until next week.  Also next week we will be moving apartments.  We are getting two sisters in this ward (I am pretty sure I told you that last week) so we have to move so the sisters can go into the old elders apartment.  I will probably only sleep in the new apartment for a night then transfer.  The crazy thing is my next area will probably be my last, which means in my whole mission I would end with five areas.

I can't believe that Shayla is already going home and that Derek is just leaving.  Where is he going again?  Derek does not seem old enough to go on a mission.  I just remember him as just barely being able to hunt elk.  It also sounds like you are going to have a crazy weekend with everyone coming and going.

The dental work on Trevor has me a little worried.  I have brushed my teeth twice a day everyday my entire mission, I am even starting to brush three times a day.  But I am still worried that when I get home and go to the dentist he is going to give me awful news about how many cavities I have.  That is the one thing that really worries me because the food here has so much sugar in it.  I am trying my best to keep up good hygiene I just hope it will be enough.

Sorry for the short email, but hey if the emails are short then it means nothing is bothering me.  Love you all.

Elder Hatch