Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little news

We asked about the Chinese New Year:  
Since it is pday we don't really see much.  Over the last couple of days there have been some of the Chinese dragons but that is about it.  A lot of people  have work off today so there will be a lot of people around.  But other than that, that is all I have seen.

Mom found her ACT scores and sent them to Cody. This is his response:
I already told Whitnee in her email but push her harder than you did with me to take the ACT earlier and more times than me.  So she has a better chance at getting a better score.  She won't like it at first but I wish I would had taken it more.

We told Cody that Larry (the farmer) is retiring:
So with Larry retiring is he still going to need Trevor on the farm? 

Cody's little bit of news:
There is a member in my ward who is trying to talk with you through facebook.  She has a lot of pictures so check your Facebook.  That way you can get some more pictures of me and my companion.  I didn't get transferred.  I probably won't get transferred next transfer because  I will be the oldest in the area and my companion has been here for 4 transfers.  But my companion just became District leader.  That is the latest in the mission.

Answers to dad's questions:
The compass is in my YHEC backpack in the side pouch.  My release should be in the bow case if it is not in there I don't have a clue where it is.

Thanks for Shalya's email.

Love Elder Hatch